replied to your post “@deadmockingbirds1
replied to your post “@deadmockingbirds1

Oh my gosh, you weren’t harsh at all. I’m glad to realize the post was by the author, because even though my intention was not to put the piece down, it could definitely have been read that way by the author. I hate confrontation too. I can be pragmatic, and fairly good at not taking things personally (not perfect at it, but good) and can head into a discussion without thinking sometimes!

I should check that out! I actually have Amazon Prime because I order too many
books, but may as well take advantage of watching some stuff while they’re offering it!

And BTW,
I’m so glad to have you to explain me to me, even without knowing me.  
LOL That IS totally why I didn’t get feels from the fic.  I got the same
vibe you did.  I thought I was a heartless bastard momentarily, but I’m
not, I just got *different* feels is all!  hahahah

I was about to warn you that Monsters is super corny and an 80s show, but if you liked the Tales from the Darkside series, then you should be good 😀

I forgot to include The Outer Limits in that list. Loved the original series and the remake!

I’ve been called a heartless bitch by several exes. Even some of the ones who were fully informed I’m aromantic. But I don’t think it’s a heartless thing to not be moved by that post – I think people get all gooey with old people stories when that one was quirky enough I felt like I had watched a Tales from the Darkside episode 😀

I don’t believe for a minute either of us are heartless bitches. Unless you wanna be called a heartless bitch – in which case I’d totally call you one because I care and do nice things for friends. Hehe! 😀

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Sorry, I’m not so good at Tumblring, and didn’t realize that was actually the author that posted it, um oops. It’s around SO MUCH, I thought it was just someone posting it *yet again*. In any case I erased the post.

I wasn’t trying to put it down or anything. It’s well written, and clearly very loved. I just don’t get it.

That’s an excellent point – it was very Twilight Zone-ish, and that’s probably why I didn’t get the emotional impact. I watched a ton of that
stuff when I was a kid, and likely, my brain saw it that way subconsciously.  That could even be how the author intended it.  

Anyway, it strangely tugs at me when I see it.

Oops, what I said wasn’t meant as a smack on the hand like you’re a naughty kid or something! I have like no tact, so if I came across harsh, I apologize.

I get kinda ridiculous about people seeing what I write about them or their content, and I know a lot of people read all tags and additions to their posts, so if somebody tags me in something and what I want to say is less than glowing praise for the OP, I keep it as far away from the OP as I can so there’s absolutely no chance of confrontation or bad shit. I hate confrontation in all forms 🙂

And yeah, I grew up totally loving all those weird shows like Monsters and Tales from the Darkside, and I really got that odd vibe from that minific.

BWT, Monsters is on Amazon Prime right now, and I just watched three episodes tonight 😀

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…with.  @samanddeaninpanties maybe?  @ mayalaen … ?I feel weird

Replying here instead of the thread so I’m not calling out someone’s writing directly on their thread.

Anyway, the minific (all parts combined) to me was kinda like those Tales from the Darkside or Monsters or Twilight Zone things. Entertaining story with a nice twist.

Not that I didn’t like them, but there wasn’t emotional impact in them. It was just 30-50 minutes of entertainment that had good twists.

I’m certainly not going to cry over them, but they’re entertaining nonetheless.

Also I’m not really big on the whole ‘I’m gonna tug at your heartstrings by using the old people are totally innocent and sweet thing.’ A lot of my worst experiences in life were with people everybody thought were cute little old ladies/men who couldn’t possibly do anything evil!!! How dARE ANYONE ACCUSE THEM!! So I may have read that minific with a pretty big bias.