@mayalaen said: Can be any pairing, any
kinks, or even gen. Cas gets hit with a spell/curse that takes away
his hearing and sight. He’s freaking out because he already felt
vulnerable without his grace, and now he can’t see or hear. Sam and
Dean try their best to help him and comfort him.

I didn’t do the second part you sent: I
thought about it, but the idea actually freaked me out a little. I’m not even sure why, I’m gonna have to look at that later.
Anyway, hopefully this is still okay! 😀 (This ended up wincestiel).


The spell is temporary. Twenty-four

Castiel has repeated this to himself
for… for he doesn’t know how long. It could have been mere minutes
since the spell struck him, or it could have been hours.

He’s human now. Sometimes he doesn’t
mind, but mostly he hates it—hates the exposure, the vulnerability.
Knowing that if he’s hurt, there’s no quick fix. There are days when
he wants to scream at every angel who ever scoffed at humanity, who
called them worthless and weak. He wants to force them into a body
like his and break their leg, the way he broke his on a hunt just a
few days after losing his grace. Getting through each day knowing
that the next would be full of more pain that wouldn’t end… it took
a strength no angel could possibly fathom.

He has no idea how Sam and Dean made it
through Hell with their sanity even somewhat intact.

He wonders how they would handle this.
The silence. The black. Knowing that he’s panting hard, mouth open
and lungs seeming to tighten with each frantic breath, but he can’t hear it.
Can’t look down and see the evidence of his chest heaving.

No, no no no… twenty-four hours. It
will end.

But he’s blind, and he’s deaf, and time
has stopped holding any meaning for him.

He can feel himself shaking. His hands,
his arms… everything, actually, trembling so hard that his legs
gave out… how long ago? Some time. Ages, maybe. He hates the witch
who cursed him with a ferocity he’s never experienced before. Hates
the lack of grace that would have allowed him to brush the curse

The only thing making it… not
bearable, but something he can survive, is
Sam and Dean. They haven’t stopped touching him since it happened.
Someone took his shirt off at some point, and for what has been
either minutes or years, there have been hands, arms, chests, mouths
against his skin. It’s the most touch he’s ever received from them
since they came together that was entirely non-sexual. The kisses are
all reassurance, we’re here we’re here, the
caresses down his back and sides all solid and smooth, you’re
okay, we’ll hold onto you, we won’t let you go.

He thinks they’re
on a bed, some soft surface at least. They have him pinned between
them, and he’s beyond glad for it because he thinks he might float
away otherwise. He’s been on the verge of panic since it happened,
but they’ve kept him from tipping over.

He sleeps, but
dreams he is still in the dark, and the silence is so complete, so
unnatural that he tries to scream, and breaks into sobs he can’t hear
when the void swallows all his sounds.

When he wakes, it’s
to Sam’s face, eyes wide and wet, and there’s Dean leaning over to
peer at Castiel’s face, and when Castiel lets out a choked gasp of
relief, he can hear it.

“It’s okay,”
Sam whispers, and kisses Castiel’s forehead.

“We’ve got you,”
Dean murmurs, and buries his face in Castiel’s neck.

They hold him until
he stops crying, and then they hold him just a little longer.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaale! You did the thing!!! Thank you!!!!
But… you made me cry! You evil writer, you! I teared up a bit over this one with how vulnerable Cas felt and… ugh the FEEEEEELS!!

You’re awesome.

( Oh, and I should’ve clarified about the second part. I read it over just now and it seems so cruel. I meant it as a ‘let’s have some fun and get you interested in sex because it calms you down’ thing instead of a ‘you’re having a panic attack, so I’m gonna beat your ass’ thing. Because yeah, beating his ass when he’s so scared and vulnerable would be SO MEAN! )

I love this!! Thank you sooo much, Dale <3