fic: dean’s fine, damn it

Title: Dean’s Fine, Damn It
Pairing(s): None/Genfic/Dean & Benny, non-sexual
Word Count: 3k
Rating: R/Mature/Not Explicit

Tags: enema, hurt/comfort, physical illness

Summary: Fill for the Anonymous Prompt
of Dean/Anyone, enema. Dean grudgingly receiving an enema for a medical
reason or something. Emphasis on how it feels to him, how full he
feels, etc. would be great. No actual non-con.

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@meldarlin seemed you had a hit or miss day, enjoy this.

have you considered 

Dean Smith verse where kid sister Jo comes to visit and is the best sort of pain in the ass that only a little sister can be. And they make a bet and she destroys him at the gym, on the court whatever. So he has to do what she wants on her last day there.

Which is get matching tattoos.

And while he doesn’t want it he never goes back on a bet. Jo drags him to a tattoo shop she found online in the hipster part of town and Dean sneers at all the beards and piercings.

He has a bit less of a sneer when he sees the bearded man behind the counter, because the broad shoulders, suspenders, and hat are all speaking to him in a way that he would prefer didn’t.

Jo is bouncing and excited. “My brother and I want to get matching tattoos. This if we can.” Dean looked down at the drawing and saw it was the super secret magic symbol they had made up when kids to protect their treehouse.

“Oh come on, really? We drew that when I was like 8. I can’t believe you are making me do this.”

“She’s not.” The man said behind the counter. “I’m Benny this is my shop and no one gets on my table that doesn’t want to be there. I’m happy to give you some ink sweet girl.” Benny winked at Jo who giggled. And Dean scowled.

No one told Dean what he could or couldn’t do.

“I want the tattoo.” Dean said.

“Sorry chief but you just said you didn’t. I ain’t putting needle to skin for someone who isn’t here because they want to be.” Benny looked Dean up and down slowly. “And you look the litigious sort.”

“I want the tattoo.”

“And I want me a pretty fella to drink a cold one with and listen to some old tunes and have a good snuggle. Looks like we’re both shit out of luck today chief.” Benny smiled at Jo. “Give me an hour to draw this up, coffee shop across the way is good.”

They walked over Dean grumbling the whole way.

“That was impressive for ticking someone off, even for you.” Jo said grinning.

“That was bad business.” Dean replied ordering a non fat latte.

“I don’t know, I think it was good business.” Jo said putting three sugars into her coffee.


“Well I’m getting my ink, and you, you’re going to go back until you convince him to give you the tattoo.”

“So? I don’t follow.” Dean said.

“God you are a moron.” Jo said. “You are a pretty fella, idiot. And he sized you up right away.”

“He’s not my type.”



“So you going back?” Jo asked smirking.

“Yup.” Dean grinned. He always got what he wanted and maybe now he wanted more than the tattoo.

I’ve gotta say, you’ve somehow pegged the way tattoo artists flirt (have you spent much time with one?). This is adorable!


I wrote NSFW omega!Benny, pls be gentle with me


Benny can’t take it anymore. This heat is the worst he’s had in a while (due to the fact that he /finally/ stopped taking his suppressants, he’d never liked them,) and he figures he and Dean have been dating long enough for this to happen. They haven’t really done much besides some making out and heavy petting, and maybe his heat is clouding his judgment on this one, but he really, honestly thinks he’ll spontaneously combust if he doesn’t get some help through this.

He picks up his phone, dials Dean’s number. Waits.

Dean doesn’t pick up.

Benny groans frustratedly, stripping out of what’s left of his clothes (just his socks and an embarrassingly wet pair of navy boxer briefs) before he tries again.

He thinks Dean isn’t going to pick up- again- but just before it goes to voicemail, he hears a familiar and chipper voice. “Hey, Benny. What’s up?”

Benny knows he sounds breathless and gravelly when he speaks, but he’s past caring. “I’m havin’ my heat. ’S bad.”

“Oh. Uh… Do you… Do you want me to bring you something, or?…” He trails off, obviously not quite sure what Benny wants from him.

Benny whines quietly as he feels some slick travel down his thigh, and hears Dean’s breathing get a little heavier in turn. “Want your help…” There was a moment of silence that couldn’t have been much longer than a few seconds, and he didn’t think either of them breathed in that time. “Please.”

Another silence, shorter this time. “Are you sure, Ben? I mean, that’s kind of a big deal.”

“I’d be happy to talk about how much I trust you some other time, Dean, but right now I just really /really/ need ya to fuck me.” Benny groaned, hearing a low sound on the other end of the line that was purely Alpha.

“I’m already on that side of town, I’ll be there in five.” Dean replied, voice already sounding thick and rough with arousal.

“Oh, thank god. Drive safe.”

Benny heard an affirmative grunt and then the click that meant the call had ended.
Dean gladly let himself in Benny’s house, figuring he wouldn’t mind in the present situation. The smell that met him was undoubtedly Benny. The thick, rich scent of butter pecans laced with the soft, sweet freshness of wildflowers. He wished he could bottle it up to keep because it was easily his favorite smell.

He followed his nose to Benny’s bedroom, cursing under his breath at the sight before him.

Benny, presenting himself to Dean, his turned to the side to search for Dean’s approval.

“Fuck, Ben. You… Shit.”

“As much as I’d like to hear you go on about how nice I look, I really need ya to get goin’, cher.”

Dean grinned, quickly ridding himself of all of his clothes (not quickly /enough/ according to Benny) before he knelt down behind the brawny omega and started licking up his slick.

Benny took in a shaky breath at the contact, pushing back against the pressure. He could hear Dean moaning, clearly enjoying himself.

“God, Ben, you taste so fuckin’ good.” Dean praised, gripping onto the omega’s thick thighs as he licked into him, slick already covering his mouth and chin.

“Dean, /please./” Benny whined.

Dean couldn’t argue with that.
Once they fell to the mattress, still locked together by Dean’s knot, Benny sighed happily, bringing one of Dean’s hand to his face and gently kissing his knuckles. “That was amazing, doll.”

“Mm, yeah.” Dean hummed, burying his nose in Benny’s hair and scenting him happily.

“Think you can get off work tomorrow?”

“I’m sure I can figure something out.” Dean smiled.

Benny had never felt so content and safe as he was wrapped in Dean’s arms.