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Could you do marine!Dean who has been deployed overseas for a while and
he surprises his boyfriend twink!castiel with a visit. Rough, needy
welcome home sex would be amaze Bottom!Cas too please with any other
kinks you like 🙂 Thanks heaps!

Warnings/Tags: Marine!Dean/Twink!Cas, AU, manhandling, fucking/anal sex, blowjob/oral sex, dirty talk, discussion of DP and toys

Alternate Link:  AO3

The One Where You Do That Thing

Cas didn’t know he was coming home, and Dean grins as he sneaks up behind the kid and wraps his arms around him.

“Dean?!” Cas screams, dropping the plate he’d been washing on the floor.

doesn’t care.  He carries Cas to the bedroom, soap suds and all, Cas
giggling the whole way.  He doesn’t even make it to the bed, just yanks
the pajama pants down, lets them fall to the floor as Cas wraps his legs
around Dean.

“Missed you,” Cas says, kissing Dean’s nose, his cheeks, his forehead.  "Missed you so fuckin’ much.“

"Missed you more, baby,” Dean says, then moans as he pushes a finger into Cas’ hole and finds him wet.

“I was playing with myself,” Cas says, the blush of his cheeks betraying the cocky smirk.

“Were you thinking about me?” Dean asks as he pushes his cock into Cas and ruts up against him.

head smacks into the wall as he whimpers, adjusting to a cock that’s
bigger than the toy he was playing with.  "Yeah.  I came watching that
video you made for me.“

"Which one?” Dean asks, because he’d left
about five of them, not including the ones he’s made for Cas over the
last two years they’ve been together.

“The one where you look
right into the camera,” Cas says, fingernails scratching at Dean’s
shoulders as he rolls his body, trying to get Dean deeper inside.  "The
one where you do that thing.“

Dean laughs.  "Oh, that one,” he drawls, teasing.  "Totally narrowed it down for me.“

Cas scowls at him.  "How’m I s’posed to think with that big cock in me?”

Dean nibbles on Cas’ pouty lip, then carries him over to the bed and tosses him down.

“Hey!” Cas yelps, still in his T-shirt, cock hard and leaking.

climbs onto the bed and grabs Cas around the waist, turning him around
and sitting Cas down on his cock as Dean kneels.  Cas groans, arching
his back and reaching up to cradle Dean’s head, the position
accentuating Cas’ little tummy.

“The one where you used that clear
fleshlight,” Cas says, trying to fuck himself on Dean’s cock.  "You had
the camera on the nightstand and you were holding the fleshlight down
on the bed, fucking it while you looked at me through the camera.“

"Oh, yeah, that one was fun,” Dean says, wrapping a hand around Cas’ cock and stroking as he fucks Cas.

yeah, and you were talkin’ dirty to the camera,” Cas says, wriggling
against Dean.  "Tellin’ me that thing you wanted to do to me.“

"That thing I still haven’t done to you yet?” Dean asks, grabbing Cas’ wrists and placing Cas’ hands on the headboard.

Cas takes the hint and grabs on hard.  "Yeah.  We still gotta do that,“ he said, breathless.

wraps his hands around each of Cas’ thighs and yanks him back, fucking
Cas so hard that Cas’ knees don’t even touch the bed.  "Need to work up
to it,” he says.

“Yeah, my hole’s too small for that,” Cas says.  
“Your cock’s big.  I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to have
two of them in me.”

“I bought the kit on the way home,” Dean says.

also doesn’t know about the other toys Dean bought on the way home, and
he has a feeling Cas is going to scream his name when he slips the
vibrating cock ring onto Cas while he pounds into him from behind.

“Fuck yeah!  Can’t wait to try that!” Cas cheers, body nearly shaking with excitement.  "How long do I get you?“

weeks.  Two long weeks of fuckin’ you on every surface of this house,”
Dean says, then groans as he comes inside Cas, fucking him so hard the
headboard bangs into the wall over and over again.  "Gonna spend more
time inside you than not.  Gonna fuck you the whole two weeks,“ he says
as his hips slow and he pulls Cas away from the headboard, flopping
back, Cas landing on top of him as they pant.

"Hey, you’re not done yet,” Cas grumbles as he squeezes around Dean’s cock.

chuckles as he pushes Cas off him and gets to his knees.  Cas cries out
as Dean sucks him down, fucking up into Dean’s mouth as Dean grabs his
ass and doesn’t stop until Cas is coming down his throat, screaming and
thrashing about.

“Missed you so fuckin’ much,” Cas slurs.

“Missed you too, baby,” Dean says as he wraps his arms around Cas and settles in for a little nap before round two.