Fic Rec: SPN/X-Files

Title: Getting Bent
Author(s): vagabondage aka zen
Pairing: Krycek/Dean
Word Count:
Summary: PWP in which Krycek turns Dean’s world upside down, and much to Dean’s dismay, he likes it.

Why I’m Reccing This: It’s really, really hot. It’s from Dean’s POV, and it can easily be read as Dean/OMC if you aren’t an X-Files fan.  Dean gets hustled by Krycek
playing pool, loses the bet for the privilege of doing “whatever the
fuck he wants” to Krycek.  Dean has his first time somewhat reluctantly,
but enjoys it thoroughly. This is amazingly hot with Krycek
being intense yet charming at the same time – in character, Dean is a little
scared and yet turned on by what Alex is doing to him. It’s set in the Stanford era just after Dean and John split up.

Keep in mind that this could be read as dub-con, but make no mistake, Dean has a great time!