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New Fic: Bait

Title: Bait
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel/Cain
Word Count: 2.6k
Domestic discipline/harsh spanking, threesome (no sex),curtain fic

Summary: Cain isn’t happy about the fact that Dean used himself as bait, so he uses an implement reserved for only the worst offenses.

Link: AO3

A/N: Thanks to @bellarisatk​ for introducing me to this amazing implement. I’d never heard of a Loopy Johnny before her totally awesome fic Bunker Hall. Since then I managed to get one myself and I love it!

I got this idea in my head and it wouldn’t go away. It was meant to be Dean/Cain, but Cas decided he wanted to be there too.


“Go to our room,” Cain said, pointing toward the hallway.  "I’ll be there in a minute to talk with you.“

opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t know what to say.  Sam
was standing there, eyes narrowed and nostrils flaring.  He was pissed,
and after spilling everything to Cain he probably wanted to stick around to see what Cain would do to him.

"Now, Dean,” Cain said, voice low and threatening.

headed for the hallway.  He didn’t want to know what would happen if he
tried to fight Cain in front of Sam.  Cain probably wouldn’t hesitate
to toss him over his knee right there in the living room.

closed the bedroom door behind him, then sat down on the end of their
big bed.  All too soon the door opened and Cain walked in.

saw the implement in Cain’s right hand and jumped to his feet.  "No!  
No, please don’t!“ he said, shaking his head.  "Not that.  Don’t use
that, please!”

“I use this,” Cain said, holding up the Loopy Johnny, “when you’ve gone above and beyond just disobeying me or lying.”

sorry.  I’m really sorry.”  He was fighting the urge to run.  He could
probably make it to the sliding glass door in their bedroom before Cain,
but getting it open and making it outside was another matter.

would have to come back eventually, and then it would be even worse.  
So much worse, even though Dean couldn’t imagine anything worse than
what Cain was holding.

“I don’t think we need to discuss this,” Cain said, “because you know what you did, but we’re going to talk about it anyway.”

 Dean shifted from one foot to the other, heart beating hard and fast.
He couldn’t stop glancing down at the thing in Cain’s hand.  He’d
experienced it a few times, and even once was enough to know he never
wanted it again.

“Castiel,” Cain yelled down the hallway.

Dean sighed, running a hand through his hair.  Great, he’d have to see the hurt on Cas’ face too.

“Coming,” Cas said.

leaned against the dresser.  It was on the wall opposite the sliding
glass door and the door to their bedroom was to Cain’s right.  If Dean
ran for it, he just might make it.

Cas came in, noticing the implement in Cain’s hand shortly after seeing the look of panic on Dean’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Cas asked, shoving his hands into pockets of his jeans, toes curling into the soft carpet under his feet.

I’d like you to explain to Cas why you’re about to get bent over the
end of the bed and have this used on your ass,” Cain said, waving the
implement back and forth.

Dean could almost feel their eyes on him.  "Are you both gonna use it on me?“ he asked, wincing.

"I have a number in my head right now,” Cain said, “and if you stall any more, I’m going to add five more to that number.”

Dean eyed the door one more time before turning to Cas.  "I used myself as bait.“

Cas’ eyes narrowed.

"Keep going,” Cain said.

“It wasn’t a water spirit,” Dean said, ass clenching as he glanced at the Loopy Johnny again.  "It was a Maru.“

"Dean!” Cas said as he hurried to Dean and grabbed him, turning him this way and that to check for injuries.

“I’m fine, Cas,” Dean said.  "I didn’t get hurt.“

"You told us it was a water spirit,” Cas said.  "Did you know at the time it was a Maru?“

Dean nodded.  "Yeah.”

took a few steps back, shoulders dropping with the disappointment.  
“You said you and Sam just wanted to go on an easy hunt.  You needed to
get out of the house.”

“Well, I did,” Dean said.  "I was going a
little stir crazy after being sick for that week, and when Sam said he’d
found a hunt, I was already halfway out the door.“

"Sam lied too?” Cas asked.

“No,” Dean said, shaking his head.  "I told him you guys knew what the creature was and told me to go anyway.“

"Did Sam agree to you being used as bait?” Cas asked, even though it was obvious he didn’t think that for even a second.

“No,” Dean said.  "We needed bait, and-“

"We both know what kind of bait it wants,” Cain interrupted.

Cas moved forward, like he wanted to grab Dean but was forcing himself to stay still.  "Did it hurt you?“

"No,” Dean said, shaking his head.

“Sam said that’s only because it couldn’t figure out how to get his jeans off,” Cain said, and he clearly wasn’t happy about it.

I know it sounds bad,” Dean said, holding his hands out at his sides,
“but Sam was right there, and you know the only time it’s vulnerable is
when its about to lay its eggs.”

In something or someone,” Cain added.

“Yeah, but that wasn’t gonna happen,” Dean said.

doesn’t matter,” Cain said.  "We’ve talked about it before, and you
know how we feel about it.  Whether you were in any danger or not isn’t
the issue.  The lying and the fact that you used yourself as bait when
we all agreed you weren’t going to do that anymore is what earned you

"I know I earned a spanking,” Dean said, “but you don’t need to use that.”

think I do,” Cain said.  "The other times I’ve put you over my knee for
these issues it didn’t do a damn bit of good.  I know you really hate
this thing, so I’m going to make sure the lesson sticks this time.“

backed up a step and felt the edge of the bed on the backs of his legs.
 "It won’t happen again.  I swear.  You don’t need to use that.  

“Cas, you want to stay for this?” Cain asked.

Cas shook his head.  "No.  I’m going to finish what I was working on in the office.“

watched as Cas left, an ache in his chest because not only did he hurt
the ones he loved, but Cas had to listen to him cry from the punishment.

"Jeans and boxers down around your ankles,” Cain said, “then I want you over the end of the bed.”

your hand,” Dean said, inching his way toward the sliding glass door.  
“Use the belt or the paddle.  That spoon from the kitchen.  Anything but

Cain walked toward him, Dean backing up the closer Cain
got until he was against the sliding glass door, then Cain grabbed him
by the arm and pulled him over to the bed.

“No!  No!  Wait!” Dean yelled as he stumbled behind Cain.  "No!  Please don’t!“

bent him over the end of the bed, a hand in the middle of his back
holding him down.  "Push your jeans and boxers down or I’m going to add
five more to what you’re already getting.”

Dean whimpered as Cain
let go of him and stood back.  He looked up at him over his shoulder,
hoping for some sign that Cain would budge on the matter, but Cain never
did.  He wasn’t that type of guy.  It was part of what Dean loved about

He squeezed his eyes shut as he undid his belt and popped
open the buttons on his jeans, then pushed the jeans and boxers down to
his knees.

Cain mumbled a soft “good boy” before he lifted his
left leg and put his knee on the bed, leaning over and grabbing Dean’s
right wrist, which he secured at the small of Dean’s back.

had a moment to enjoy the warmth of Cain’s thigh resting against his
side before the Loopy Johnny was connecting with his ass.  He didn’t
bother trying to keep quiet.  It hurt too fucking much to worry about
keeping his cool.  Six swats in and Dean was flailing and cursing up a

“No!  Cai-ow!  Cain, wait!” Dean yelled.  "I get it!  You can stop!  Oh, fuck!  Shit motherfucking damn it!  It fucking hurts!“

didn’t stop and he didn’t slow down, the fire burning in Dean’s ass
enough to make tears well up in his eyes even though Cain hadn’t hit him
more than ten times.

"Okay!  Stop!  Please stop!” Dean screamed,
then let out a wail that took his breath away.  It hurt so much that he
couldn’t even think, couldn’t breathe.  He just wanted it to stop.

didn’t stop, and he didn’t let up.  The evil implement kept connecting
with the tender skin of his ass.  It wasn’t loud, so Dean was making
most of the noise in the room, twisting this way and that, kicking and
trying to get loose.

He hadn’t counted, so he had no idea how many
times the horrible thing had come down on his ass, but certainly it had
to be enough. He was very sorry.

“Please sto-op!” Dean yelled, sobbing and trying to cover his ass with his feet.  "I’m sorry!  I’m sorry!  Stop!  Sto-op!“

he twisted enough to roll off the bed and down onto his knees.  He
grabbed his ass with both hands, dropping his head down, sobbing.

sorry!  I’m really fucking sorry,” he cried.  "I know I shouldn’t have
done it, and I’m sorry.  I’ll never do it again.  And I’m so, so sorry I

"We’re not done yet,” Cain said.  "Get back up here.“

Dean looked up at Cain and shuddered.  "No!  No, please!”

“Yes, get back up here,” Cain said, gesturing toward the bed with the Loopy Johnny.

I don’t wanna do that anymore,” Dean said, his words garbled by the
tears and snot and sobs, the tightness of his chest and throat.  "You
don’t need to spank me more.  Please.  I’m really sorry!“

crouched down in front of him and leaned in close.  "We’re not done
yet,” he said, ignoring Dean’s whimper.  "Get back up there or I’m going
to add ten more to the end of your spanking.“

"No!  No, please!”
Dean sobbed as he smacked his forehead against Cain’s chest, crying into
the material of Cain’s shirt.  "P-please!  Don’t spank me anym-more!  
I’m sorry!“

"C’mon, you can get up there again and finish this,”
Cain said, wrapping his hand around Dean’s arm and pulling.  "You earned

"Nooooo!” Dean yelled, trying to pull away from Cain as he was manhandled onto the bed.

held him down again, Dean’s right wrist at the small of his back, and
this time Cain brought the Loopy Johnny down faster, though not any
harder than before.

“No!  No!  Stop!  Please, nooooo!” Dean
screamed, losing his breath.  When he finally was able to breathe again,
he couldn’t even form words and just yelled out his pain.

started in on the backs of his legs and Dean twisted again, flailing
hard enough that he slid off the bed onto his side.  He pulled himself
to his knees and scooted away, covering his ass with both hands and
curling in on himself a bit.

“Please I don’t w-want any more,” Dean cried.  "Please stop.  I’m sorry.  I’m s-sorry!“

put a hand on the back of his neck, pulling him close as he kissed the
side of Dean’s head.  "Remember I said I had a number in my head?”

“No!  No more!” Dean sobbed.

“You still have two more to go,” Cain said.  "Just two more.  You can do that.  Two more and then you’re done.“

don’t w-want any more,” Dean said, shaking his head.  His ass was
already on fire, and the thought of getting back up there even for one
more was enough to make him cringe.

“Just two more,” Cain said, “but if you don’t get back up there, I’m going to make it twelve.”

“No!  No, don’t do that!” Dean yelled.

“Then get back up there,” Cain said as he stood up and walked over to the bed.

“No, I don’t want-please!  Please don’t!” Dean begged.

“It’s your choice,” Cain said.  "You can get up there and take two more or I can drag you over here and you get twelve more.“

was sweating, and he could feel tears and snot dripping down his face.
His ass was throbbing, and the backs of his legs were burning.  He
really didn’t want twelve more.

"Just two?” Dean asked, turning his head to wipe his face on his shirt sleeve.  "Two more and I’m done?“

"Two more,” Cain said, nodding.

“Fuck,” Dean sobbed.

“Do I need to come over there?” Cain asked.

“No,” Dean said, shaking his head.

“C’mon.  Let’s get it over with.”

shivered.  "Just two.  Just two,“ he said as he crawled over to the
bed.  He climbed back on and shoved his face into the blanket, tensing
his whole body as Cain kneeled next to him.

Two more hard snaps of
the evil little implement and Dean was sobbing again, but Cain stopped
and sat down on the bed next to Dean, rubbing his back and waiting him

"I’m sorry,” Dean said, trying to ignore the mess he was making of the blanket.

bed dipped to his right and Dean looked up to see Cas reaching toward
him with a wet washcloth.  He chuckled as Cas cleaned him up gently,
then blew his nose in the tissue Cas handed him.

“Don’t be mad at
Sam,” Dean said, sliding down the bed until his knees were on the floor.
 "I told him you guys knew all about the hunt.  And he was really
fucking pissed when I did the whole human bait thing.  He didn’t know I
was going to do that.“

Cain sat down on the floor next to Dean,
reaching over and running his fingers over Dean’s sore ass.  Dean hissed
and squirmed, but didn’t pull away.

"I’m not mad at Sam,” Cain
said.  "I’d suggest giving him at least a day to cool down before you
apologize.  When he left he was ready to put you over his knee himself
even after I told him that’s what you were getting from me.“

Dean winced.  "Yeah, I have a feeling I’m gonna need to suck up to him for a while.”

spread out on the bed, rolling onto his stomach and holding himself up
with his elbows.  He had a little bit of pink around his eyes, which
told Dean he had been crying.

“I’m sorry, Cas,” Dean said softly, reaching out and cupping Cas’ face.

just glad you’re home safe,” Cas said, then he turned and kissed Dean’s
palm.  "And if you ever do something like this again, I’ll take a turn
after Cain is done.  Understood?“

Dean nodded.  "Understood.”  Cas
could be quietly scary at times, and it was something Dean loved about
him.  He had no doubt Cas would follow through with his threat.

“Right now I just want to hold you,” Cas said, taking Dean’s wrist and pulling a little.

got the message and smiled as he climbed onto the bed and snuggled up
next to Cas.  Dean felt Cain unlacing his boots, and smiled his thanks
as Cain pulled the boots, socks, jeans, and boxers off of him.

crawled onto the bed and the three of them snuggled up to one another,
Cain’s hand resting on Dean’s ass and Cas’ right hand resting over
Dean’s head, both of them reassuring themselves Dean was alive and well,
if not sore from a spanking he wouldn’t soon forget.


Title: the smell of turpentine in the morning

Pairing: CainxDean

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 5,292

Notes: fill for SPN Rare Pair Bingo square used ‘Nude Art’, prompt for @unholyseraphs, AU with FedEx driver Dean and reclusive artist Cain

Dean’s seen a lot of things in his time as a FedEx driver. There’s the standard mean dogs snapping at his heel on the end of a tight leash, the old ladies in barely closed robes with curlers in their hair, the shifty eyed guys who snatch their packages and sign off hastily before slamming the door in his face. Then there’s the even weirder things. This one guy Dean delivered to a few times always answered his door in a Superman costume.

But he has never come across anyone as weird as the hermit who lives out in the boonies on Willow Lane and orders packages every few weeks or so. The guy lives in a small bungalow house down a long dirt lane that’s so rutted Dean has to park halfway up and walk the rest of the way or he’ll ruin his truck. The yard, to some, would be considered littered with red neck junk that’s scattered among high weeds. There’s a row of claw foot tubs with viney plants spilling out of them. These creepy skeletal metal sculpture things with long spindly limbs in hunched and twisted positions that give Dean the heebs. In the middle of the field surrounded by nothing is a massive structure of sheet metal and pallets that glimmers in the sun.

When Dean gets to the porch of the house, this old guy is usually waiting for him with a sketchbook, sometimes knitting, sometimes he’s got scrap pieces of glass and metal spread out on a work table. There are wind chimes made out of broken things and bent spoons lining the porch.

The stuff in his yard isn’t red neck scrap, it’s some kind of weird art statement crap.

Dean knows that there’s been a few other people at FedEx that have picked up routes out here, but it doesn’t seem like any one person delivers here regularly even though the guy has frequently got packages. He grumbles quietly when he signs the form and takes his stuff. Sometimes he looks at Dean with this intense stare that raises his hackles, taking him in from toe to head, and Dean tries not to balk.

It’s uncomfortable, to put it nicely.

Actually, it’s fucking creepy but Dean’s not afraid of the reclusive nutjob so he keeps the route and gets in some good exercise hiking up the long drive. As the summer wears on, dusty and dry hot under a cloudless sky, Dean is tempted to tell Bobby to find someone else to do the route.

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I want to wrap this fic around me like a blanket and wallow in it. I don’t know why, but this was just so comfortable and hot and weird and really fucking hot and I really REALLY liked it.

And I think one of the most adorable things about this was that sometimes when Dean came to the house Cain was knitting. KNITTING! That’s just such an adorable image!

Thank you 😀