When you’re one of the few people in the fandom that doesn’t wanna fuck the car

“Wow, so washing the car gives you a boner now?”

Dean’s wet short-shorts were hiding nothing.

“I ain’t afraid to admit it, Sammy. Washing Baby does indeed give me a boner.”

Sam opened his mouth to reply and huffed instead. “You are sick.”

“She’s a beaut!” Dean shouted at Sam’s retreating back.

Dean opened the trunk.

“That was close.”

Cas sat up from his hiding spot.

“Quick thinking about jumping into the trunk there, Cas.”

“Sam would not appreciate us doing this against the car.”

“Urgh,” Dean rolled his eyes. “He threw such a bitch fit last time.”

“You’re okay with him thinking you’re aroused by the wet car?”

Dean was blushing.

“…You’re not actually turned on by the wet car, are you?”

“Wow, just wow. You’re sitting in the back of my car naked and you think the car is the inspiration?”

They looked at each other unblinkingly.

“Come here, wet stuff,” Cas sighed, giving into his own desires. “Where were we before Sam interrupted?”

Dean just straight faced “yes. Yes, it is the car that is giving me an erection. The car and nothing else.” 

Okay, but how many times will they have to do it on/in the car before Dean actually does start getting hard at the sight of baby, by association?