Title: Princess

Pairing: base relationship Destiel, smut DeanxCasxCainxBennyxVictor, voyeur Sam

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 2,037

Notes: AU, pwp, feminization, bottom Dean, gang bang, come play

“You look like a princess.”

Dean swiveled on the stool when Cas nudged his shoulders, turning him towards the mirror so he could see for himself.

He hardly recognized himself with that much makeup on. Thick black lining his eyes, jesus, how did Cas even make his lashes look that long. Cheeks a flushed pink even though his heart rate was normal and he wasn’t – not yet – aroused. Lips painted a bright bubblegum pink and so fucking shiny. So fuckable.

Sandy brown hair was still short and spiked, but nestled on top was a tiny delicate tiara.

Dean groaned, “I can’t believe you got a fucking tiara, you asshole.”

In the mirror, Dean watched Cas behind his shoulder. There was an affectionate smile on his lips as he lay his hands on Dean’s bare shoulders and bent to kiss the top of his head.

“Anything for my princess.”

Dean reached back to swat his hip. “Fuck you.”

It was supposed to be embarrassing. Well, it was a bit. But the tight little knot in his gut that wanted him to recoil from the mirror and wipe all the work Cas’d just done off, it kind of turned him on too. Even if Dean was ashamed about what he liked – how much he liked it – Cas was completely and uninhibitedly without shame.

“Come on, party’s already started,” Cas stepped back and held out a hand.

Dean rolled his eyes. Shifted around on his stool. Took Cas’ hand because he was a little wobbly in high heels. He took a second – a minute, while Cas waited patiently – to admire himself in the mirror. The high stiletto’s made his muscles tense in stark definition beneath the flimsy thigh highs. Cas had bought him the frilliest, outrageously neon pink panties for this occasion. Snug and satin across the front, there were thin rows of frilly pastel pink lace across the ass, bows stacked up the side. They were made for men, cupped him in the front, somehow made his junk look even bigger.

It was fucking weird how… masculine he could look in girly things.

Dean had spent the day being pampered by Cas. Bathed, shaved, given an enema, dolled up.

Treated like a princess.

He felt strange and vulnerable and hot inside. All day, he’d swung between stubborn rebellion against the soft treatment, and a simple kind of giddiness when he’d let himself accept it.

Twisting around for another good look – his ass was amazing – Dean put on a cocky smirk. “So, did you invite Sam?”

Honestly, he wasn’t really sure if him or Cas got off on that more.

Or Sam.

“Yes. He’ll be watching.”

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What the hell, man!?! You and @samanddeaninpanties are gonna just kill me today!

This was awesome. Dirty and fucking hot. I’ll most likely be using this fic as well as Tori’s fic later tonight for reasons 😀