(i blame @casbabe for encouraging this.)

cockslut!dean thanking whatever gods there may be for the freak genetics that, on top of sheer gorgeousness, also granted the novak twins inhuman flexibility, as they contort their bodies just so to allow benny to slide inside as well.

dean sliding a plug in before school, allowing for a quick fuck in a janitor’s closet or empty bathroom when one of them found a few free minutes at lunch or between; they all consider it a day well spent when dean’s panties are crusted with their shared come.

jimmy reaching over to try to toy with the plug as dean drives them to whoever’s got an empty house at the time, and protective papa bear benny smacking jimmy’s arm away from the back seat because he does not want any of them to die a fiery death, thank you very much, nor to explain the state of dean’s ass to paramedics for that matter. (cas, predictably, has his nose in a book on the other side of the back seat, oblivious to benny’s scolding and jimmy’s subsequent pout.)

dean’s already tired and aching when they tumble into bed, but he’s also an eighteen year old dude, and it doesn’t take much for him to get it up yet again. but they go easy on him, benny soothing his sore hole with his tongue while jimmy slowly sucks him off; cas just kneels by his side, jerking himself off while gazing down at dean adoringly.

which is not to say later on that weekend, after they’ve slept and showered and gorged on pizza while arguing about battlestar galactica versus stargate, they don’t blindfold dean and lay him down on the bed, making him guess whose hands are connecting with his ass.  benny packs a wallop, but he doesn’t get off on it the way the twins do, so he usually just leaves one big handprint on each cheek.  meanwhile jimmy likes to be more thorough, peppering smacks all over dean’s ass and thighs until the skin pink and warm and tender, and dean’s whimpering into the pillow.  and finally cas goes straight for dean’s rim, two fingers coming down gently but relentlessly over his hole, until dean’s begging for someone, anyone to fuck him.

and almost always, someone does.

No you should nEVER APOLOGIZE FOR THIS IT’S AWESOME ANd I really shouldn’t have read this while trying to work.