she’s still a woman

Every once in a while I get a shitty comment on my fic Her Turn on AO3. I delete them right away so people don’t get into a capslock screaming match with them.  It’s usually along the lines of “YOU SUCK FOR FORCING CHARLIE TO BE WITH A MAN!! SHE’S A LESBIAN!!”

I know it could possibly be t-e-r-f-s, but there’s a good chance it’s also people not even bothering to read and just flaming me when they see the pairing.

First of all, fuck you I can write whatever the fuck I want.

Second, the whole point of the fic is Dee (MTF Dean) struggling with internalized phobias, growing up believing wholeheartedly she was born the wrong gender, but fighting it because of social norms and low self-esteem and not letting herself accept that things could be different until Charlie came into her life and they fall in love.

Charlie *is* in a relationship with a woman.

Title: Her TurnPairing(s): MTF!Dean(Dee)/CharlieWord Count: 70kRating: NC-17/Adult/ExplicitTags: internalized transphobia, transgender!Dean (Dee), Season 9, pegging, rimming, cunnilingus, virginity, anal sex, anal fingering, sex toys, strap-ons, oral sex, internalized cissexism, internalized homophobiaOriginal Post Date: January 13, 2014Link: AO3 Summary: Dean knew from a very young age he was different than other boys, but after being told that …