7 months late but almost there!



The final chapter of She drags my world awake might be 2600 words long but at least it’s nearly finished!

If you want to catch up before it goes live this weekend, but don’t want to re-read all 100k+ I suggest the following catch-up reading order:

  1. Even As I Wander
  2. The One in Oblivion Bar (optional but short)
  3. Of Hunters and Hellblazers (the one that started it all – My First Fic!)
  4. Domesticated Punks (optional but establishes a lot of the frame for Dean/Constantine interaction, in-jokes, etc)
  5. When you touch me like you touch me
  6. Confessing to the endless sin
  7. Those Boys With The Demon Blood (non-linear)
  8. She drags my world awake

And here she is! I’ve split the final chapter into two. More in a few days:

She drags my world awake (18128 words) by KittyAugust

Chapters: 9/10

FandomSupernaturalConstantine (TV)The Sandman (Comics)Death (Comics)Vertigo (Comics)HellblazerBuffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: John Constantine/Dean Winchester, Death & John Constantine, Fate & John Constantine, John Constantine/Castiel, Pie/Dean Winchester, Cake/Dean Winchester, Atropos/Castiel, Atropos/Adam Milligan, Spike/Buffy Summers

Series: Part 24 of Of Hunters and Hellblazers


The Darkness Rises. Death pays John Constantine a visit. There’s a break for pie, and then things get really complicated.

Oh, and Slayers. Way too many Slayers.