Definitely Doing That Again



Another fic for my SPN Kink Bingo Card and Kink List #102, requested by @autopistaaningunaparte.  Companion piece to Intense, but can be read alone.

Square Filled: Pegging
Ship: Dean x Donna
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Donna wears a strap on, bottom!Dean, implied bisexual!Dean, pegging
Summary: Donna comes up with another kinky thing to do in the bedroom, expecting Dean to say no.  She’s pleasantly surprised when he’s just as excited about it as she is.
Word Count: ~1600
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo

It had been a while, years even, since Dean had done
something like this.  It’s not that he
didn’t like it anymore, he just hadn’t really had an opportunity with how busy
life had gotten and how he wasn’t able to escape for a weekend anymore…

And then he and Donna had started their thing, becoming
exclusive nearly a year ago, and that was that.
No more of this, at least while he was with Donna, or so he thought.

Until she brought up the idea as another way to spice up
their sex lives.  

The first thing they’d tried in the bedroom was blindfolds,
Dean putting all of his trust into Donna’s hands.  After that, they’d branched out a bit, each
coming up with ideas periodically and bringing them to the bedroom.  It was awesome, in Dean’s opinion, that he
had found a girl who was willing to try things with him, but also understood
when he was unsure.

When Donna had brought this
up, though, she’d expected hesitation from Dean.  She never saw his enthusiasm coming.

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Fucking kill me, this was so hot, oh my.


Title: Demonstration

Pairing: JodyxSam, DonnaxDean, JodyxSamxDonnaxDean

Rating: Explicit

Word count: 1,084

Notes: A/B/O AU, omega Dean, omega Sam, alpha Jody, beta Donna, PWP

“Are you sure that’s going to fit in there?”

Jody laughed at how concerned Donna was. It was sweet, and kind of adorable. “Oh yeah, trust me. That’s not even the biggest one I’ve used on him.”

Donna shrugged and nudged her hips forward, slowly rocking the strap on into Dean.

“You just need to work him open on the shaft and when he starts pushing himself back, the knot’ll pop in.”

Donna nodded, paying rapt attention to Jody’s instruction, her blond hair swaying in a pony tail.

Dean groaned and reached back, patting Donna’s hand where it rested on his hip. “Come on sweetheart, m’not made of glass.”

“You got it.”

Jody watched Donna picking up her pace, wide hips rolling and hands gripping onto Dean. She was still holding back, the cutest look of concentration on her face, tits bouncing when she thrust deep enough to press the knot against Dean’s rim and earn an enthusiastic ‘fuck yeah’.

Sam whined and pushed back against Jody. Rubbing circles on his lower back, Jody slid her toy into him deeper and swiveled. “Easy big boy, I got you.”

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dreamsfromthebunker: spncasefic: Title: Stone by StoneAuthor: @dreamsfromthebunker / hit_the_booksArtist: @stormbriteRating: ExplicitLength: 8kPairings: Sam Winchester/Max Banes, (Dean Winchester/Donna Hanscum)Warnings: Dubious Consent, Canon-Typical Violence, Explicit Sexual Content Summary: Who the hell moves an entire castle from the Rhine to goddamn Missouri? Dean, Sam, Donna and Max don’t know, but a free vacation is a free vacation. Unless …


the classics, for @theactualpiemaker ; Dean Donna # 9 – “you’re only allowed to sit there and watch until i tell you otherwise”

Every time Dean shifted, the wooden chair squeaked. His skin was starting to stick to it with sweat, uncomfortable but worth it. Dick flagging from one thigh to the other like a metronome, he squeezed his hands into fists where they were weakly tied behind the chair with a scarf. It would be so easy to rip the flimsy piece of silk and dive across the coffee table at Donna.

“There, didn’ I tell ya it would be easier if I tied you up?”

Donna was giggly and flushed pink and having so much fun; Dean tried really really hard to play along.

He wasn’t sure what the point of all the teasing was, but it was getting him worked up like nothing else. It was so goddam frustrating.

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mayalaen: Pairing(s): Dean/DonnaTags: fps, het, body worship, romantic sexLink: spnkinkmeme Prompt: Dean is in love with how curvy Donna is. She is wonderful and sexy and knows his body. He hates that people could think she is ever remotely fat and he gets all alpha male when someone makes fun of her. He lets her …