There were two in the bed, but the little one said…


Title: There were two in the bed, but the little one said…

Rating: T

Pairings: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, Dean
Winchester/Gunnar Lawless

SPN poly bingo square: Sam/Dean/Gunnar

Word count: 1252

Tags/Warnings: bedroom talk, relationship negotiations,
communication, no real resolution, v-shaped relationship, mild angst,

Summary: Sam and Gunnar were both more than happy having
Dean in their lives. But Dean thinks he want more.

a/n this is for my spnpolybingo card. When I first say
Sam/Dean/Gunnar, this is what popped into my head. Thank you to @maaahksheppard for the read through <3 

(link to AO3: HERE)

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I gushed a bit more on AO3, but yes, this is adorable 😀


Title: Gunning for it

Pairing: DeanxGunner

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 973

It’s not the first bathroom he’s giving head in, it probably won’t be the last, and it’s certainly not the dirtiest. The trash bin is overflowing and the floors are a little sticky but at least it doesn’t smell like vomit. All that though, is totally worth it. Cause Dean’s got his hands on Gunner’s meaty hips, he’s crowded back against the tile wall, and it’s exactly where he wants to be.

Christ, this guy’s cock is as huge as he is, and yeah, Dean maybe has been thinking about it since almost two centuries now. This exact scenario. Blowing him in some seedy bar bathroom. Why that was the sexual fantasy of choice when Dean was a teen…..

But he knows what it’s like and he still wants it. Gunner is broad and thick – fucking everywhere – thighs hard under jeans as Dean grips on, skims over, up to his hips. His cock is so wide Dean can’t even get thumb and forefinger around it. He’s pretty sure all they’re doing is a blow job, but damn if he could get himself bent over a sink and fucked cross eyed on that, it’d make Dean’s night.

He’s had a lot of tequila by now.

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Daaaaamn. Hell yeah 😀