Title: Welcome but not obliged

Pairing: DeanxJessexCesar

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 2,276

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Dean’s not new to the situation. It isn’t really an orgy, you’ve got to have more than four people for that. Threesomes are easier. Dean likes to keep his hands and his mouth and his ass busy at the same time. Threesomes are perfect for that.

He just doesn’t expect it from Cesar and Jesse. They’re a happy couple, true to their word they settled down in New Mexico and started a horse farm. Jesse seems to be doing a lot better and Cesar’s always got a fond smile for him.

When it comes to banging more than one person at a time, Dean’s more experienced in picking up a few people from a bar, all anonymous. It just happens sometimes. He can also admit that hook up apps are pretty great for that.

After things had settled down – Amara locked away, Lucifer banished – Dean had finally gotten around to answering a social call from Cesar. He didn’t want to get the two of them tangled up in all the trouble, but keeping a phone number to check up on now and then, of course he’d done that.

Sam and Cas are happy and safe at the bunker. Dean’s not sure what happened or when, but after Cas came back the two of them had squirreled themselves away together. Dean doesn’t even think they’re banging, anytime he checks up on them they’re just cuddling and watching Netflix.

Maybe Dean’s waiting for the next big crisis, too used to being on edge, but they could use a little time off. So he’d gotten back around to contacting Cesar, who told Dean he was welcome anytime at their ranch. Things were going well for the two of them, apparently. As much as Dean appreciates the bunker, he still needs the open road sometimes. The offer was extended to Sam and Cas, but they were getting all domestic or something. Talking about feelings. Probably braiding each other’s hair.

That meant Dean had a little quiet time on the drive West. It’s a good drive to get his thoughts in order.

It’s kind of amazing what a difference a few months could make to newly retired hunters. Cesar and Jesse took Dean out on horse back to ride the trails criss crossing their land. Mostly flat scrub lands, not much to sight see, but it was a good way to pass the day – sun warmed and peaceful.

Dean’s happy for the two of them, for making it to their finish line together.

After a long hot day and being put to work, there’s steaks and whiskey for a late dinner. Out on the concrete patio under bright stars, chill night breeze rolling in. They talk about the good days of hunting, the times they made a difference, the people they saved. Jesse pulls out a pack of cards and they start a friendly game of poker. Dean’s not sure who instigates it – experience says him – but after a few rounds and a few shots it turns into a friendly game of strip poker.

So now he’s on his back. A warm mouth around his dick. Ass in his face. It’s a good Saturday night.

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YES!! Cut for fic spoilers and gushing.

This is the best kind of threesome, and I loves me some threesomes. I love when you are in a relationship with someone and find somebody who is just willing to go along with whatever you’re comfortable – like Dean in this – because you have that silent communication and you know each other and you can just have fun with this other person and just… It can be such a wonderful combination of using them as a toy and pampering them and I love it! This fic captured that.

“Nicest round bubble butt too.” Yes, I’m going to agree he has that under those clothes.

Loved this fic! Love the casual feel to it and it was another slow burn that reminded me of your Dean/Cain fic where Dean delivers packages to Cain’s house. So comfy!!