(1) We can make this kinkier if omega!meg is Godstiel’s consort & when he’s away on smiting the world business, he has his alpha pets sam & dean keeping meg nice & fully satisfied until her mate returns to her & fuck her stupid once again idk idk


(2) Some days Godstiel fucks her for HOURS until she’s dripping with sweat, come, tears & other days he watches as sam and dean fuck her over & over again while he jacks off in the corner spewing filth at all of them.. uhhh *brain becomes mush*



Do you have any idea how much we love you, nonnie? 

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What the hell, man? What the hell!?! I hope I’m following the anon’s actual account because I need to follow them. They have awesome ideas.

Anon, if I’m not following you, drop me a line because… damn.