January Writing Summary


one of my unofficial writing aims, is to write four things a month (so around one thing a week) and yes, I did actually manage that this month!

1) Catch You With a Cherry on My Tongue (Destiel, T): 

Dean shows his love by taking care of those around him. And a careless word cuts deep. Luckily, Cas is there to smooth things over.

2) When You Come Home (Calthazar, M): Balthzar is on the bed. He’s ready and waiting.The problem? Cas isn’t ready.

3) Brought Low by the Common Cold (Dean/Victor, T): 

Dean is sick. Victor is happy to look after him

4) Chapter 14 of This Omega is Mine (wincest, E, WIP): Sam and Dean are mates. At least they will be once they are both on the same page. Dean is a free spirit, perfectly capable of looking after himself, and he doesn’t want to be tied down. Sam totally wants to tie to Dean down, but he’s going to have to compromise if he wants Dean in his life.

all the masterlists are up to date 🙂

Yay! Go, Duck 😀