dcj fic prompt, anyone?

The evil awesome @blitzdrake is teasing me yet again with AUs. This time it’s an AU of the Netflix series Glitch.

Six people come back from
the grave, time of death ranging from 150 years ago to 2 years ago.
The Sheriff’s wife, who died 2 years ago, comes back, but the sheriff remarried six months back to her best friend who is 9 months
pregnant, having gotten knocked up at the 1-year anniversary of her death when the two were both mourning her passing.

This could be ABO or just plain mpreg with established Dean/Cas. Cas comes back from the dead to find Dean and pregnant!Jimmy married. Cas was either sterile or a beta and couldn’t give Dean children. Jimmy can, so angst.

Cas: “Did you always think Dean was hot. Did you want him while I was alive?!? This is my house. That is my dog. He is my husband. And you just came
and took it all. I’m still alive. I’m still here. These are mine!”

Jimmy: “You told me. When you were dying. That you didn’t want Dean to end up alone for the rest of his life!”

Cas: “Yeah that was me expressing a hope. Not giving you instructions to fuck him a year after I died!!”

Sheriff Dean: “I never stopped loving you. But when you were gone, we missed you so much. You left us both so empty. No one
else understood how much we missed you like each other. No one else felt
your absence like we did.”

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If I missed anyone, hopefully it’ll get around to them via these other shippers 🙂

Oh! And, a different study (I took notes to report back to you – no, really) reported that twin males take nearly the same time to orgasm. They take slightly longer to orgasm when having homosexual anal sex vs vaginal sex. So, point being, in DCJ scenario C&J would take about the same amount of time to orgasm and Dean might last a little longer (or not). Anyway, I just had to share that little tidbit. :)


…this is amazing.



This is very necessary information that I needed and I thank you for your contribution to my fantasies and fic writing.

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Coming 05/17/2017



Title: Why Does It Have To Be (Wrong Or Right)

Author: @samanddeaninpanties, ao3

Artist: @mayalaen, ao3

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warnings: none

Tags: AU, first time, angst, angst with a happy ending, teacher Sam, server Dean, tattoo artist Jimmy, tattoo artist Cas, d/s undertones, dom Cas, sub Dean, pain kink, ink kink, piercing kink, group sex, top Cas, top Benny, top Sam, bottom Dean, bottom Jimmy.

Pairings (other than D/C/J): Cas/Jimmy, Sam/Jimmy, Dean/Cas/Benny, Dean/Sam/Cas/Jimmy, Sam/Dean

Posting date: May 17th, 2017

Summary: When Sam and Dean enter a tattoo parlor on Sam’s birthday Dean’s drawn to Castiel, the grumpy owner, and his twin brother Jimmy. Right away he learns that Cas and Jimmy are in an incestuous relationship and the adjustment period is surprisingly easy.

After Dean, Cas, and Jimmy get together Jimmy drops a bombshell – he wants to bring a couple of friends into their bed for a night. The problem? None of them know anyone they trust outside of Benny and Sam. And Jimmy really, really, really wants Sam to fuck him.


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Oh gawd! I am looking forward to this, @samanddeaninpanties, @mayalaen 😉