new fic: e is for explicit

Written for @spnpolybingo

Title: E is for Explicit
Pairing(s): Ash/Aaron/Andy/Castiel/Dean
Word Count: 724
Rating: NC-17/Adult/Explicit
poly relationships, drug use, drugged sex (consensual), orgy, blowjobs, anal sex
@spnpolybingo Square:
Aaron Andy Ash Castiel Dean

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Castiel takes E for the first time.

A/N: Thanks to @treefrogie84 for the prompt help on this one! @dreamsfromthebunker also suggested lots of pot for this orgy, so we’ll just assume they’ve all got a significant amount of pot in them before the E ūüėÄ

Fingers everywhere.  Something in his mouth,
and he sucks on it, hears a moan. ¬†He doesn’t know who brought the E or
why he’d kissed Ash, letting Ash push the small pill into his mouth, but
that was nearly an hour and a half ago, and he doesn’t care anymore.

is panting in his ear while Andy bites at his nipples.  Aaron is riding
his leg while he kisses Ash, heavy cock and balls sliding over Cas’
right thigh.

There are lights flashing in the room, and it’s more
beautiful than he would’ve imagined. ¬†Always thought Ash was an idiot
for using, but now he sees why.  Feels why.

He’s been on the edge
of orgasm for what feels like hours by the time Aaron pushes his thick
cock into Cas’ hole, filling him up until Cas is seeing stars dance
through the air.

Whatever had been in his mouth is gone, and Cas
wants it back.  Wants to suck on something.  Feel it in his mouth.  On
his tongue.  They roll him onto his stomach, and then the head of a dick
is swiping over his lips. ¬†He doesn’t know who it is, but he opens up
just the same, closing his eyes and moaning because it’s just what he
wanted.  Needed.

Aaron pushes back in and starts fucking him
again. ¬†It feels amazing, and Cas doesn’t remember sex ever being so
good.  He can hear two or more of them kissing up above him, and wishes
he could watch, but he can’t see anything besides Andy’s crotch. ¬†He
knows it’s him now because Andy manscapes instead of shaving like Dean
or waxing like Aaron or letting nature take its course like Ash.

climbs onto his back, and it feels good to have the pressure holding
him down.  He sighs happily and lets Andy fuck his face while someone
wraps his right hand around a cock.  Cas tries to stroke it properly,
but he’s uncoordinated in a way he’s never been, so he lets Dean guide
his hand. ¬†He knows it’s Dean when he feels the ring on Dean’s finger,
feels the calluses on the tips.

The weight is gone from his back,
and someone is lifting his hips, so he gets his knees under him and
spreads them wide, breath stuttering as a hand closes around his cock
and strokes. ¬†It might be Aaron, might be Ash. ¬†He doesn’t care who it
is.  Everything feels amazing.

Andy fucks in and comes down his
throat, fingers running through Cas’ hair, and it tingles all the way to
his toes.  He flinches as someone bites his right ass cheek, and he
suspects it’s Dean. ¬†Dean can never get enough of Cas’ ass, and there’s a
chance he’s a little jealous that Aaron is fucking it.

That’s okay. ¬†Dean can have a turn. ¬†They can all have a turn because Cas never wants it to stop.

cock slips out of his mouth, and he whimpers in protest.  He needs
something in there. ¬†It’s not just a want. ¬†He squeezes Dean’s cock a
little too hard and hears a grunt, but before he can apologize, another
cock is pushing into his mouth, and Cas sucks it in happily, humming
around it.

Pubic hairs tickle his nose, so it’s Ash fucking his
face, Ash’s balls slapping his chin. ¬†Ash’s PA piercing sliding over his

They turn him over again, and wet heat envelops his cock.
 He cries out, the noise muffled around the cock pushing into his mouth
again. ¬†He thinks someone’s blowing him, but when he opens his eyes he
can’t see them, because Ash is straddling his face, fucking his throat.

then Cas feels a weight settle on his hips, someone’s thighs squeezing
him as they lift off, then slowly sink down on his cock again, fucking
themselves and using him like a toy.

Cas isn’t even sure if it’s
Aaron who is fucking him.  He lost count of all the hands, fingers,
mouths, cocks.  He bucks up, lights blinding him as they flash all
around him, and when he melts back onto the floor, breathless and
boneless and sated beyond all comprehension, he sighs, someone’s release
leaking out of his ass while another person licks his belly clean and
yet another person gently swipes the jizz from his face.

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