FIC REVIEW Title: Night at the Fish ZooAuthor: @rosemoonweaver Pairings: Dean/Cas/JimmyWord Count: 5.8kLink: AO3 Summary: Jimmy and Castiel Novak have a pretty easy job. As night guards at the aquarium, all they really have to do is make sure no one gets in and screws with the fish. Which, ya know, no one ever does. …

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Title: Night at the Fish Zoo
Author: @rosemoonweaver
Dean/Cas/Jimmy, Cas/Jimmy, Dean/Jimmy, Dean/Cas
Word Count:
Link: AO3
Jimmy and Castiel Novak have a pretty easy job. As
night guards at the aquarium, all they really have to do is make sure no
one gets in and screws with the fish. Which, ya know, no one ever does.
But maybe what they should be worried about is that none of the fish wind up screwing with them.

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Liveblogging below the cut 😀

You know the night is starting out right when I read “took a naked selfie” as “took a naked selkie.” This is going to be fun 😀

I don’t know how somebody can get bored with fish. I used to stare at my tank for hours at a time. Fishies are so calming and pretty, especially when they’re happy.

“Rodger,” Cas came back.

“Actually it’s Jimmy,” Jimmy says. 

HA!! Go Jimmy!!

The whole area looks like a little cave, complete with moonlight gleaming through the open top of the tank. 

I kinda wanna live there. The whole description of this place sounds… relaxing!

He touches the back of his head, hoping he imagined it, but of course his hair is wet. 

It’s never fun when that sort of thing happens. Unless it’s an orgy. Okay, no it’s still not fun. Because you didn’t get to join in and it’s somebody else’s wet when that happens. Worse than hair gel. Lovely.

He turns to leave again and it happens again like someone’s got a squirt gun and is shooting him in the back of the head.

I’m still thinkin’ orgy.

He’s a little afraid to move, but he starts moving towards the
exit one shaking step at a time, his back to the tank and eyes to the
rest of the room the whole time. 

This must not be a horror story or he’d have gone ahead and checked it out before Cas got there, not keeping an eye on the room at large and instead focusing the opposite way of the killer.

He rounds the corner, racing towards the underwater tunnel and the
direction Cas is coming from. Unfortunately for him, Cas was rounding
the tunnel at the same time and they collide, both at full speed. Their
heads smack together and the both wind up on their asses. 

This had me giggling! Jimmy would look adorable freaking the fuck out and running, shoes squeaking as he booked.

“Shadows don’t squirt water at my head or trip me!” 

He’s never hallucinated before. Shadows totally CAN!!

I’ve seen horror movies, Cas. The slut always dies first and I am
not putting myself in any position to be the first notch on some psycho
ghost’s gun belt.

HAHAHAHA!!! The casual honesty here is adorable! Slutty Jimmy? Yes please!

“Please don’t say killer mutant land sharks.” 


“Don’t see what? The totally real mermaid? Maybe they just haven’t
put it in yet. Maybe it was made of paper mache and dissolved. Maybe
the actress has the night off.” 

I like salty Jimmy.

Jimmy rolls his eyes and barely resists the urge to lick his brother’s palm and wriggle free. 

Love this sibling moment 😀

There’s a slick, wet, popping sound behind Jimmy and he resolutely
doesn’t look. His heart is pounding in his chest and every horrible
B-grade movie flashes through his mind. Something hard pokes him in the
small of his back and he screams. 

THE VISUAL! I LOVE IT! And thanks to being a little fucked in the head, I also got to hear it. Interactive fic reading, woohoo!

Cas, for his part, remains calm and doesn’t fall over with Jimmy’s sudden weight in his arms. 

I find this really sweet for some reason. Like maybe it’s not the first time, and Cas is like yup just let him climb me and he’ll calm down when he’s ready but it’s okay ‘cause he’s my brother.

The twitched and wriggled against the tile, slight popping sounds coming off the tips as they pulled up and away. 

Ooh, I like that noise!

The mermaid shrieks, and it sounds a little like a scream crossed
with a power drill. Jimmy’s hands fly up to cup his ears at the same
time Cas’s do, and for the second time in the night Jimmy winds up on
his ass. 

Poor Jimmy! Hahahaha!!

“I think he was trying to say hello,” Cas says, the corner of his mouth twitching. “Hello,” Cas says, waving. 

Okay, that’s just fucking adorable! I actually clutched my chest and said “AWWWWWW!!!”

“Yeah, well,” Jimmy says, dusting off his ass, “I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.” 

*high fives Jimmy*

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that,” Cas says. Jimmy snorts in spite
of himself. Leave it to Cas of all people to ask an octopus monster to
repeat itself. But by god, the creature actually does it, this time
slower and sounding more like an actual name. 


“Hello, Dean,” Cas says and Jimmy rolls his eyes. 


The look Cas levels at him says a lot of things – namely “you’re
being a dick and you’re never going to get laid again if you don’t do
this” so Jimmy rolls his eyes and opens his mouth. 

I’ve had that look directed at me… let’s just say a good number of times over the years. It usually doesn’t stop me from doing what I’m doing.

He scoots a little closer, and Jimmy doesn’t step back this time. He smiles and the spits a jet of water right in Jimmy’s face. 

Hehehehe! Jimmy doesn’t appreciate ocean-creature greetings? C’mon, Jimmy!

and Jimmy can’t help but giggle when Dean’s tentacle jabs at his cheekbones and pushes at the tip of his nose.
Dean seems pleased, too, as another tentacles comes up to wrap
around Jimmy’s wrist and arm. The suckers stick and pull away from his
skin but it’s not painful; it’s more like tiny, sloppy kisses all at
once. Jimmy glances to his right when he hears Cas giggling. One of
Dean’s tentacles is snaking around his neck, likely tickling the
sensitive skin on the back of his neck.

Ugh, now you’re giving me MORE feels over how adorable this is. You’re killin’ me!! I want to hug them all!!

Jimmy’s dick is definitely starting to show interest, so he puts a
stop to it by remembering that one him he caught his grandparents naked
in their hot tub. 

I’d probably have the same problem, but trying to thing of nasty things never works for me, unfortunately.

Jimmy tips his head back and groans. Sharp teeth nick at Jimmy’s
earlobe sending electric little tingles through his whole body. He’s
always been a bit of a slut for pain, and the possibility of being
bitten, especially by Dean’s sharp, needle-like teeth thrills him more
than it should. 

Uhm, yeah, I’d probably do the same thing.

“Fuck it,” Cas says, shoving his pants and underwear to his ankles. 

You have no idea how much I love that Cas was the one to just go yup fuck it let’s do this thing.

A whine catches Jimmy’s attention, and he’s nose to nose with Dean
who jams their lips together without preamble, just holding them there.
Jimmy can’t help but chuckle, pulling back by a fraction of an inch.
“Like this,” he says, kissing Dean softly before pulling away and doing
it again. Dean whines, his brow furrowing and Jimmy can’t help but find
it adorable. He seems to get it soon enough, pressing his lips to
Jimmy’s when Jimmy pulls away, opening his mouth just enough to push the
kiss past sweet and into needy. 

…. Are you TRYING to turn me on with innocent!virgin!merpus!Dean?! Because you are. Not that it’s all that hard to turn me on, as you know, but frustrated fumbling innocence?! How dare you. *slides a basket of cookies onto your doorstep*

“It’s not a tentacle,” Cas says, laughing, “it’s a penis.” 


It’s slick and soft like a dildo, but it’s warm and purposeful in
the way sex toys aren’t. The suckers don’t suck against his skin this
time, they just provide an excellent little ridges that makes Jimmy’s
muscles clench as he squirms in pleasure. 

Can I get a Deanpus? I’d like a Deanpus, please.

“You’re shitting me,” Cas says, turning the package over in his hands. “The dick band-aids?” 

Awesome product placement there!

“Yeah, don’t put that in your mouth,” Jimmy says, pulling the
tentacle way from Dean’s face. Dean frowns at him and pulls at the
plastic with his fingers. “Dude, no,” Jimmy says, swatting Dean’s hand
away, “it’s a human thing. Sorry.” Dean huffs but he leaves it alone. 

Poor Dean! I don’t really wanna use those things either. Creepy-ass things.

Dean squeaks in what is probably agreement. 

They’re totally gonna play every night, amiright? 😀

Maya’s Rating: 🐙five🐙out🐙of🐙five🐙
Cute and hot fic! You gave me tinglies. Would read again. Tentacle high five eight and kudos to you.





Okay but Dean/Cas and Sam/Jimmy and they all live together only Cas and Jimmy sometimes switch places-

Like Sam comes home horny and sees Cas in the kitchen and just comes up behind him and rubs his cock against Cas’s ass and Cas is like ‘well okay if you INSIST’

Dean and Jimmy on Dean’s bed having bendy sex when suddenly the door opens and Jimmy is like ‘oh hey Cas’ and Cas is like ‘I just need my laptop real quick’ and ducks out of the room. Dean is really flummoxed because he was certain he could tell them apart.

Sam coming home to find Dean and Cas making out on the couch. Sam is like ‘is that one mine’ and Cas flips him the bird and Dean says ‘get your own.’

Cas and Jimmy pretending like they mix Sam and Dean up.

This might be my favourite twin headcanon ever.
Sending dick pics to both Winchesters to save time?
Dean/Jimmy one night when Cas gets home and is like… no I’m horny I want him back… but Dean is too exhausted so Cas is like FINE where’s Sam.

Sam making Jimmy a romantic meal for two and Cas eats it all before Jimmy gets home.

Okay hear me out but CAS/JIMMY BODY SWAP and they’re both freaking out and Sam and Dean can’t tell if they’re being legit or not like… babe you’re an identical twin you’re still hot stop trying to hide I’ve literally seen it all before.

Jimmy at death’s door because N O Sam don’t look at me im hideous



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Title: Intel
Ship: Dean/Castiel/Jimmy (with twincest)
Rating: Explicit
Link: AO3
Word count: 1574
Tags/Warnings: Alternate
Universe – Assassin’s & Hitmen, Bottom Jimmy, Top Castiel, Anal Plug, Enemies to Lovers, Kissing, Blow Jobs, Anal Sex, Porn With Plot, Hurt Dean Winchester, Background Poly, Sibling Incest
Created for @spnpolybingo​​
Square: Hitmen AU

Jimmy and Castiel need to have words with their handler about timing
after they shoot an innocent man. But first they want to see justice

The Novak twins are a pricey pair to hire. But if you have the money and your hit fits within their ethics policy? They’ll help you take down dictators, unscrupulous businessmen and politicians, religious leaders taking advantage of their position. Anyone who is bad news and making people hurt.

Dough plus righteous cause equals a done deal for Jimmy and Castiel Novak. Simple rules, easy to follow.

But some jokers just never get it.


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Dean/Cas/Jimmy assassin/hitman AU?!!!!!!!!!