OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!! I never even thought of Demon!Dean & Lucifer!Cas


Right? RIGHT?! RIGHT?!?!?!?

Can you just imagine for a second how incredible it would be?

Demon!Dean, all dark and violent, and Casifer being all snarky and and manipulative. Dean attacking Cas like a wild animal, holding the first blade to his throat, and threatening to skin his meatsuit alive. Casifer licking his lips and saying how he loves Dean’s pillow talk before pushing Dean off of him and tackling him, .

Fucking and fighting and fighting and fucking… *sigh*

*lies on the floor and cries violent tears of joy*

@hanni-bunny-lecter Anna, I feel like this is in your interest, too.




Imagine lucifer!cas with demon!dean

I…didn’t need that image in my mind.

Mostly cause now I’ll never get rid of it.

I had no idea how bad I wanted that until this moment

I’ve been thinking of this from the moment Casifer happened. I don’t know why I haven’t written a fic about it yet, but daaamn that’s fucking hot.

Furniture destroying sex? Yes please!