A/N: Soup or Gumbo? for @mayalaen, DeanxCasxJimmyxBenny au, ~1K

“Seriously, you’ve got to try this gumbo,” Dean told him, nudging a half finished bowl towards Jimmy.

“I’m… not really a soup fan,” Jimmy said weakly.

Dean scoffed, affronted on behalf of his friend, who happened to be the chef and waiter of the gumbo shack.

Wisely, Castiel decided to stay out of the argument.

“Dude, gumbo isn’t soup.” Dean said.

Jimmy pushed a spoon halfheartedly through the rich, thick mix of rice and roux and seafood that sat before him. It was a goddamn work of art, if you ask Dean. Not that soup wasn’t good, in it’s own way, but gumbo. It was something else. At least, the gumbo Benny made was.

Coming back from the kitchen, wiping his hands on a dish rag, Benny cocked a hip against the counter and watched the three of them. Dean might have had an ulterior motive for dragging Cas and Jimmy here tonight – Cas definitely knew, but Jimmy, well he was still kind of new to all this.

“It’s,” Jimmy sighed and scooped up a tentative spoonful, “I mean, it’s got a sauce, and there’s a bunch of stuff in here, that makes it a soup right?”

“Brother,” Benny broke in, “You seriously need exposure.”

“Just try it,” Dean said, jostling Jimmy.

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Eeeeeeeeee! This is awesome!!! Jimmy with the gumbo snobbery and Benny just as laid back as always even when his food is insulted.

And they all just fit together and… CHRISTY!!! Thank you <3