new fic: thrift shop

Written for @spnpolybingo​​​​

Title: Thrift Shop
Pairing(s): Dean/Gabriel, Sam/Gabriel, and what can be seen as either established Sam/Dean/Castiel or Sam/Castiel + Dean/Castiel with future Team Free Love Sam/Dean/Castiel/Gabriel
Word Count: 1400
Rating: NC-17/Explicit/Adult
poly relationships, slash, oral s3x, s3x in public, blowjobs, humiliation
@spnpolybingo Square: Thrift Shop

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Thrift Shop

The first time it happened, Dean was picking
through the men’s shirts toward the back of the store.  Sam was wearing
his last good T-shirt, and Dean’s flannels had seen better days.  They
were in between jobs, and Dean’s busted face after their last case meant
there was no way he could convince anyone in a bar that he was some
kind of newbie when it came to pool.  So no hustling.

Which meant
thrift store clothes would have to do, and not even the regular thrift
store clothes, but the ones everyone had already picked through, because
two dollars was too much to spend on a shirt, and twenty-five cents was
pushing it.

Dean nearly kneed the guy in the face.  Who wouldn’t
when their crotch was grabbed?  But then the fingers cupped him, and his
cock twitched.  He looked around, hoping no one would notice that he
wasn’t kicking the guy’s ass.  Nobody was looking, and it seemed as if
nobody else in the store knew about the dude hanging out in the clothes
rack, so Dean stood still, pretending to be interested in the shirts.

zipper came down, and it was a good thing Sam had snagged his last pair
of boxer briefs, because the guy breathed over the V of the jeans, and
Dean almost came right then and there.

A tentative lick, then
mouthing over the shaft before a warm mouth sucked him in.  Dean held
onto the rack, biting his tongue, because the guy was really fucking
good at blowjobs, and Dean hadn’t had one in way too long.

too fast was nothing to be embarrassed about, especially when the only
one who could tease him was currently hiding in a clothes rack blowing
random men.  Dean bit his lip as he came, tasting blood on his tongue.

man gently put his cock away and zipped the jeans back up, all neat and
tidy.  Dean stood there for a moment, wondering if he should thank the
guy or just walk away, but in the end he decided the guy was hiding in
the clothes rack for a reason, and he walked away.


rolled his eyes, grumbling his way through the store.  He had no idea
why the fuck Dean had insisted he needed more shirts.  The clearance
rack was full of shirts, though, so he started looking for one in Dean’s

Sam gasped, then pulled back, eyes going wide as he ducked
his head and looked around the floor underneath the shirts.  Something
had brushed against his crotch, and he really, really hoped it wasn’t
some kid in there because the mother would find the kid and scream her
head off even if Sam hadn’t done anything other than stand there.

didn’t see any little feet, didn’t hear any giggling, so he figured it
was nothing and started picking his way through the shirts again.

the hand cupped him, Sam froze.  It definitely wasn’t a kid-sized hand,
so no worries there, but what the fuck!?  Sam’s breath stuttered out as
the hand kneaded him through the jeans.  He took a quick look around
and figured what the hell.  No one was looking, and if somebody wanted
to play with is crotch, then he didn’t mind.  He didn’t get laid often
enough anyway.

But then his zipper was coming down, and he didn’t
move.  Someone pulled his dick through the slit in his boxers, but Sam
didn’t move.  A tongue licked over the head of his cock, and Sam still
didn’t fucking move.

His eyelids fluttered closed as his dick was
sucked into a warm, wet mouth, and he reached forward, grabbing onto a
few hangers so he didn’t fall onto his face.  A hand slipped into his
jeans and pulled his balls out through the slit in his boxers, rolling
them as the guy in the rack sucked his cock.

Sam started sweating.
 He couldn’t help it.  There were people all around the thrift shop,
picking through used items, and no one knew Sam was getting a
world-class blowjob from some dude hiding in the clothes rack.

closed his mouth on a whimper, gritting his teeth as the guy sucking him
hummed softly.  It occurred to Sam that Dean was very insistent about
him coming to the thrift shop, and he even told Sam about the clearance
rack, said he wanted shirts from that particular rack.

Dean knew.

Dean had gotten a blowjob and had sent Sam for one too.

Sam hissed as he came in the guy’s mouth, forcing himself to stand
still when all he wanted to do was fuck into that warmth.  He shivered
and tried to get his breath back as the man put his cock away and zipped
the jeans.

Sam wasn’t sure what the proper etiquette for such a
situation was, but if the guy didn’t want to be seen and hadn’t said
anything, then Sam had to assume he should just leave.

“Uh, uhm.  
Thanks,” Sam said, rolling his eyes at himself because that was so lame.
 He grabbed two random shirts off the rack and hurried for the front of
the store.

It wasn’t until he got back to the motel room that he noticed the shirts wouldn’t fit either one of them.


wasn’t sure why Dean and Sam kept going to the thrift store and not
bringing any clothing back.  They needed new clothes, and all of them
were sick of doing laundry.  The thrift shop was across the street from
the motel room they were staying in, and when he saw Dean walk in the
front door yet again, he decided he’d had enough.

The store was
busy, and Cas searched for Dean in the housewares, then bedding before
he found him in the clothing.  Cas frowned, because surely if Sam and
Dean were looking through the clothing, they would’ve found new clothes
by now.

“Do you need help?” Cas asked, coming up behind Dean.

“Shit!” Dean yelped, pushing his body against the clothes rack.

“What are you doing?” Cas asked.

Dean waved him off.  "I don’t need help.  I’ll be out front in a minute.  Wait for me out there.“

voice was strain, which only raised Cas’ suspicions.  Was Dean in pain?
 Was he having that much difficulty choosing a new shirt?

"Damn it, Cas, get the fuck outta here,” Dean hissed at him.

heard a wet pop, and then someone was cupping his crotch and grabbing
onto his belt.  Cas took a step back, ready to fight whatever evil was
hiding in the clothes rack, because it had apparently been hurting Dean.

A man tumbled out of the clothes rack and went sprawling across the floor.  Cas glared at his brother.  "What are you doing?“

Gabriel smirked as he sat up.  "What’s it look like I’m doing?  I’m blowing Dean!”

was pushing himself further into the clothes rack and attempting to
very quietly zip himself up, but his face was red and what he was doing
was very obvious.

“Did you know it was him?” Cas asked Dean.  "Is this why you and Sam keep coming here?

spluttered for a moment, then pretended to find something in another
aisle more interesting than an archangel sprawled out on the floor, lips
still wet and plump from the blowjob he’d been giving Dean.

“I would’ve done you too,” Gabriel said.

Cas sighed.  "You didn’t have to do this.  You could’ve just asked them.“

Gabriel stood up, wiping his hands off on his jeans.  "Asked them what?”

“Asked them if you could join us,” Cas said.  "I know you’ve been watching.“

"Me?  I would never do such a thing!” Gabriel said as dramatically as possible.

Cas rolled his eyes.  "Come with me.  Sex in a bed is much more comfortable than crouching on a clothing rack in a store.“

"It sounds like the voice of experience talking there, Cas,” Gabriel said, smirking.

sure Dean will tell you about the times I fingered him with my grace,”
Cas said as they walked out the front door, the sliding glass closing
behind them.  "Humans aren’t like us.  You don’t need to show your
prowess before you can approach them.“

"What, so you just say you wanna bone ‘em?” Gabriel asked, frowning.


“And they’re fine with that?”



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Summary Dean has been on the edge for hours and it isn’t until Gabriel reminds him of what he’s done that he realizes that it’s his own fault that he’s in this mess.
Word Count 1181
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo

The sock stuffed in Dean’s mouth was soaked through and he didn’t know if he was going to pass out from not being able to get quite enough air through his nose or from being hard for over two hours. Fuck knew how Gabriel was doing it, damn alpha tease, knot never getting any bigger than just what he wanted whenever he wanted. Dean knew it was some kind of tantric thing. But… he’d never taken Gabe seriously when he’d said he could hold out like this and Dean was paying for his uncontrollable hormones with his own knot that needed release over an hour and a half ago.

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And I love when you go with the whole non-traditional roles thing!!

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