There’s a part of me that thinks it’s awesome how writers, set designers, and everybody else involved in making TV and movies put so much meaning behind every little thing, and if you pay attention there’s this whole hidden world of layer upon layer, a story within a story.

There’s another part of me that thinks maybe those same people read fan posts about foreshadowing and deeper hidden meanings and they all sit there with wide eyes and whisper, “Oh, my God, they think I’m really deep and cool.  Hey, honey, get in here!  The fans think I’m really cool for that using the blue cup instead of the red cup because it foreshadowed the demise of all the men in red shirts and the rise in power of the guys in blue shirts!”

His wife rolls her eyes.  “Yes, dear, you’re amazingly insightful after dropping the red cup on the floor and stealing my favorite blue cup from home to replace it on set.”