i maaay have taught addy the “what are those?!” thing


And now her parents are Not Happy.

I think it’s hilarious to see a kid under 2 years old pulling that on her own brother, and if they didn’t want me teaching her stupid shit, they should’ve raised her themselves, so there 😛

If AC bothered to remember, I also taught HER several things her parents didn’t like when we were little, including the most annoying sound in the world, which yeah, they really didn’t like that.

family drama in convenient bullet point form

Because you can’t all just be following me for my witty banter 🙂
[a list of who I’m talking about and their bios for anyone interested]

  • AC and Husband got in
    a fight friday (nothing new) and she did the drama queen thing of walking out
    the door and walking down the street so he trailed along after her because he’s a drama king all the while she was sobbing on the phone to various family members
  • a little background: if AC doesn’t get what she wants she pretty much makes her husband’s life hell until she gets what she wants – he gives in most of the time – and it’s the exact same way her mother Deidre gets what she wants and one of the main reasons I hated Deidre growing up because my uncle gave in to all of it when he was married to her
  • AC called my mom and asked her to come get her
  • my
    mom ACTUALLY SAID NO that she wasn’t gonna get involved in the games
    they play so AC tried a few more times but mom shot her down
  • AC called her mom in California and sobbed at her about it
  • AC’s
    called my family and was freaking out and wanted to call the police (for making her daughter cry?!) and was already packing to come and pick up AC and the kids when my
    family informed her it’s another drama thing
  • AC’s mother-in-law
    then got involved when AC called her next and took them both back to the trailer but in the
    meantime AC’s mother called AC’s Husband and reamed him a new one going
    off about getting a job and taking care his family and snap out of it
    and be fucking father
  • as all that was going on Charlie decided he was going to pack up and drive to California with the kids and Marissa – not to
    drop the kids off with their grandma (because why should we do something
    logical like that?!) but instead it was because he wants a car that’s in Cali and
    refused to let anyone else go get it because HE wants to do it and because marissa “needs” a vacation even though she just had one a week and a half ago
  • fyi – taking kids out of state without permission from the parents is a big no-no and besides that AC and Husband hate Marissa’s guts (even though she’s raising their children) and wish she would die so yeah let’s take the kids out of state with someone they despise without permission
  • mom
    to talk Charlie out of doing that but only by really getting on
    him and finally saying “If you do this I’m not bailing you out of
  • i didn’t know about any of this until I got home friday and my mom
    said we needed to have a “shop meeting” at Charlie’s house and when we
    got over there they unloaded all this on me
  • then they start in with the shop meeting like they didn’t just blow my mind
  • marissa
    had already had a few drinks (she sometimes drinks after the kids are
    in bed) so she was obnoxious and everything we tried to decide about
    the shop she fought HARD which messed with my head even more
  • we get things figured out as best we
    could all the while my uncle is pulling a drama king move of his own by
    crying about how it’s his fault we have all the bullshit because AC is
    HIS daughter like ugh shut up dude
  • my mom and I finally get home
    at 1am and she shows me a text Charlie sent her earlier in the day
    where it really sounds like he’s saying something about AC not even
    being his daughter and that her real father is in Texas and my mom was like
    “does it sound like that to you? because it sounds like that to me”
  • but
    my uncle’s texts
    are notorious for being really whacked and he never
    bothers to read them over before sending them so mom is going to ask him
    about it soonish
  • that of course doesn’t mean we suddenly won’t
    have AC as a burden forever but it might mean we’d get a break from
    her if she goes off to meet her real father (if this is true) and proceeds to milk him for
    as much money as she can just like she does everybody else until he
    figures out what’s going on
  • marissa has a bug up her ass about not getting to go exactly where she wanted for her last anniversary (not that she didn’t get to do something at all for her anniversary just that it wasn’t perfect) and this time she’s like we’re going and nobody can tell me otherwise
  • well surprise marissa we’re all busy and life sucks at the moment and you’ve been on dozens of vacations including one a week and a half ago when I haven’t been on any the whole time you’ve been married to your current husband of… damn 20 years?! wtf is wrong with me?!
  • I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now but it’s now monday and I didn’t get a vacation again
  • and
    marissa had the balls
    to ask why I didn’t end up going last weekend or this weekend
    like I’m a dork for not taking advantage of vacation time so I lost the
    privilege when actually it was because there was so much bullshit going on (including hers) that I couldn’t leave because it would’ve royally screwed things up

Did you know that the cost of living in Spokane WA
and Billings MT and several other places are less than where I
currently live? And did you know my family doesn’t live in any of those places? And did you know that there’s some really cute houses in those places that I could totally get into?

*she says like she’s actually going to do that*

Pipe dreams. Lots of pipe dreams.