I know this goes against popular fanon but salt filled hula hoops wouldn’t work

Ghosts and demons can’t cross salt lines because coming into contact with that much salt is the problem. If the salt is contained it’s not an issue

A demon could hula hoop with one of those and nothing would happen

never thought my dreams would be crushed like this

So coat the hula hoop in salt. On the outside. Do I have to solve everything?!

I really wanna see one of the boys try to use the hula hoop filled with salt and just watch as Crowley comes up and grabs it. Dean would look so disappointed and Sam would probably give Crowley the Bitch Face, but Cas would be in the corner snickering cause he knew it wouldn’t work. 😂

Could a demon drink a margarita? 

I mean, Ruby ate french fries

Fries have a sprinkling of salt, it’s not an unrboken line

But wait, in the episode with the anti-Christ the mother shoved salt into her mouth to draw the demon out. Apparently the salt hurt the demon. So… Shouldn’t the salt on the French fries hurt Ruby?

It took three handfuls of road salt before the demon would run

The salt on fries is finer, more spread out, and there’s far less of it

if I’m a demon and salt hurts you can bet I’ll still be eating fries like the pain isn’t gonna stop me