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Cas shifts from foot to foot, the predicament bondage Benny came up with keeping Cas on his toes until his feet cramp, then his cock and balls get pulled by the rope tied around them and looped up around the bar his wrists are tied to.

Dean kisses Cas’ lips, soft and gentle while Benny snaps the single-tail, making it crack somewhere behind Cas. Cas flinches, sucking in air as he waits for the pain, but it doesn’t come because Benny didn’t actually touch him with the whip yet.

Cas shivers as Dean runs the tips of his fingers over Cas’ swollen balls. The rope tied around them is tight and the skin is red, sensitive as Dean moves closer and the red silk of the panties Cas made him wear slide over Cas’ sore balls.

Benny smacks Cas’ ass with an open-handed slap, and Cas whimpers into Dean’s mouth as Dean moves slow, hands gentle on Cas’ hips, caressing.

Every touch Dean gives Cas is soft, slow, careful. As if Cas would break. Every touch Benny gives is fast, painful, rough. As if Cas can take anything he dishes out.  They’re both right, both just what Cas needs.

The whip, when it does land on Cas’ skin, isn’t nearly as loud as when Benny cracks it in the air.  It’s a soft whump, underhanded so it doesn’t break the skin, and Cas’ body tenses as the pain hits.  Dean pulls back to watch, Cas’ back arching as he goes up on his toes, head falling back and face screwing up in pain, mouth open wide as Benny hits him five times before stopping.

Finally Cas’ body relaxes again and he starts to breathe once more, eyes glassier than they were before as he falls deeper for them. Benny bites Cas’ shoulder, fangs sharp and painful as Dean peppers Cas’ face with light kisses.

Cas isn’t allowed to come without Benny’s cock in his hole, and Dean tickles Cas’ cock with tiny touches, making him beg for Benny to just please let me come, please please let me come, I’m close, please please please

Benny shoves into him, cock hard and not much lube to ease the way as Dean sucks kisses down Cas’ chest, belly, thigh.  He wraps his lips around Cas’ cock, gentle suction, moving slowly as Benny holds him in place and fucks him.

Cas comes with a gasp, losing his footing, the only thing saving his cock and balls, rope going a little tighter, is the fact that Benny and Dean have a good hold on him and would never let him fall.