ash got into an accident

I just got home from the hospital, where I’ve been for almost 6 hours. Ash was on his bike tonight and got into an accident. His girlfriend was driving the SUV behind him and rolled up on the accident just after it happened. The woman who hit him claims she never even saw him.

cut for length and description of injuries

His pelvis fractured in two places (as pelvises do because they’re a circle) and opened so badly that his intestines dropped down into his crotch, bulging. The left femur is broken, the left hip socket and ball joint are cracked and they don’t even know if he’ll ever walk again, both his wrists were broken so badly that the bones are protruding and he might even lose one of his hands because it’s mostly come off.

It doesn’t appear that he has brain damage, but they put him into a medically induced coma while they worked on him. They’re planning on keeping him like that for at least three days while they do multiple surgeries on him.

He lost so much blood and the pelvic fracture was so severe that they didn’t even bother fixing the femur or the wrists yet. They used external plates and will worry about it later if he makes it through the next few days.

His family is batshit insane. They’re very dramatic, loud, and more than half of the people there were drunk, including his parents, who have been divorced for years and hate each other.

The family was so obnoxious that there were four security guards standing in the hallway with us, including a security guard with a dog.

Just over an hour ago the nurse came out and said two people could go in at a time to see him, but that they couldn’t talk to him or touch him because that would stimulate him and wake him up, which is bad. His father said if they let him in there he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from talking to Ash or touching him.

Two minutes after his mom and girlfriend went in, the girlfriend comes running back out to say his eyes were open and he was talking.

Which means they talked to him and woke him up. Which is really fucking stupid and selfish because a medical coma is used to give a person’s body a chance to rest and repair itself. He woke up scared and could’ve hurt himself more all because his asshole family members couldn’t shut the fuck up and think about him and put his needs first.

All this while his brother was out in the hallway loudly proclaiming that it’s a good thing Ash’s injuries were physical and not mental, because “you wouldn’t want him to be fuckin’ retarded, ya know? like DUURRR DE HURRRDURRR!”

That was said loudly while he was stumbling down the hallway, spasming and displaying just how he thought a person like that would walk and talk. I just stood there staring at him, my jaw dropped and my eyes wide.

I don’t know if Ash is going to make it through the night, but I’ll post updates as I get them from the family.