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Ooh polyamory on this one! Cas/Michael/Dean. YES PLEASE! And video games? MASS EFFECT?! You rock.i told @ltleflrt they rocked too so your guys can rock together. it’ll be cute, turst me.

okay here’s the summary for htis fic;
Dean’s got a pretty sweet job at a video game store. Sure his boss is a
sleazeball but Dean’s learned to live with it. Of course it would be
great if he stopped giving his family members jobs and expecting Dean to
make it work.  Hopefully this Castiel guy isn’t as bad as the last
few… honestly the bar’s pretty low at this point. 

polyamory and games HERE WE GO!! Say that in your head like mario from mario kart. HERR*roll the R here* we gOOOOO*!

the pay was kinda shit and retail had a tendency to suck the life right out of you. 

bteen there done chtats!! it toptaolly does suck the ligfe right outta you. but it apays the pbislls an i think my second edible just hit yiks

on that note, we’ll leave the audience with a gclifhanger