Look at all these SPN Coldest Hits supernatural fics you could read… some definitely nsfw, definitely check their tags… Should totally shower with comments and kudos (so many ships, wow)


Shipper!Sam-I-Am by @pod7et

Cursed Or Knot by @rabidbinbadger

Yarunh by @setaeru

Glitter Dick by @mayalaen

Give You Pins And (Knitting) Needles by @soupernabturel

You’re Owl I Need by @reaperlove77

It’s a nice day for a white wedding by @bloodandcream

Spring Sale by @relucant

Guilty Pleasures by @angrysouffle

All The Creatures Glittery And Small by @reaperlove77

Of Panties And Murder @gankyourdarlings

Cock Puppets by @fem-deanwinchester

Glitterature by @5ighmyname

Great And Striking Actions Which Dazzles The Eyes by @majesticduxk

Mr Fizzle Gets A Wife by @geek-kitty

Winter Warmers by @majesticduxk

Just A Bolt by @dreamsfromthebunker

In Your Black Heart Is Where You’ll Find Me by @spoopernaptime

Feather Fun by @sugarcookiesam

A Purlfect World by fic-me-senseless / @undeadandinbed

The Prisoner by @fancythingsandgossamerwings

Aaron And His Technicolour Dream Man by @powerfulweak

Guilty Pleasures In A Craft Store by @trekchik

Shopping Carts by @kaeostennyo