Frog Ketch x Dean



“Fuck you,” croaked Dean.

“Fuck you,” croaked hundreds
of frogs back.

“Fuck you, fuck you, fuck
you.” Dean was sure his mating call was more alluring than any of the other
frogs in the pond. “FUCK YOU!” he croaked, as loud as he could to drown
out all the other ‘fuck’s and ‘you’s.

“Fuck. You.” A Ketch frog
croaked enticingly. Dean hopped over to check. Yep. Ketch was gigantic and
glistening with hormonal mucous. How erotic.

“Fuck you?” Dean asked.

“Fuck you,” Ketch croaked
without even turning to look. Dean hopped on Ketch’s back and Ketch didn’t so
much as twitch.

“Fuck you,” Dean croaked. And did.

Ketch glared at every other frog in the pond and secreted
some more mucous. “Fuck,” he croaked. 

Blame this catastrophe on @perfackles and @oddsocksandstuff

it;s not crack fic, it’s croak fic