Veganism isn’t possible for everyone


please stop pretending everyone can go vegan, it’s not realistic

Not everyone can be vegan! For many different reasons! And they don’t have to defend those reasons to you! Most common reasons people cannot  go vegan are:

  • they have a food allergy (such as nuts or soy)
    • seriously SO MUCH vegan food uses soy and nuts to replace meat and dairy
  • they cannot make all their own meals
    • you have to do a lot of meal prep/enjoy cooking for affordable veganism
  • it’s too expensive
    • a lot of meat substitutes/cheeses/easy-to-make vegan items are hella expensive! I spent $6 on 6 slices of soy cheese! It’s absurd! (I needed a treat)
  • they don’t live in an area that has easy access to foods for restricted diets
  • they have a medical condition that would make a vegan diet dangerous

but also, it’s none of your damn business. Don’t go preaching to someone who says they can’t do vegan/vegetarian stuff for health reasons. My mom has so many dietary restrictions, she can’t really cut anything else out. A friend has an autoimmune disorder where she would literally die without meat; she wishes she could forgo it, but she just can’t. 

Failing to acknowledge this is disrespectful and ignorant. If someone expresses to you that they cannot be vegan for health reasons, ask if they would like advice on how to ethically eat their meat and dairy products. Don’t berate them for the way their body works! People are much more receptive to respectful conversation than they are to attacks on their character.

I don’t even like meat, but I have to eat it. B12 deficiency runs in my family, and my body doesn’t metabolize B12 supplements well, so if I don’t get it from meat, I get sick and have horribly painful mouth sores.

I’m also very allergic to processed corn (cornmeal, cornstarch, etc.) and I vomit if I try to eat/drink soy. Fish grosses me out so bad that I can’t even smell it without gagging, so that’s not even an option.

I’d love to stop eating meat, whether it’s to save animals or not, but I can’t.

And I love the inclusion OP made of it being none of your damn business. thank you! Everybody just needs to do their own thing. Shoving your own things in people’s faces is uncalled for.