How do you guys manage to keep your tumblr/dash hate-free? it always seem to find me whatever I do to avoid it and I’m honestly so tired of the hate in the spn fandom. Please tell me your secret!

I still see it, just not very often. I’ve found some wonderful blogs to follow, run by people who are very accepting and enthusiastic about SPN instead of picking it apart.

If someone I’m following posts ANY hate or untagged wank, I unfollow immediately. If someone I follow tends to always talk down about stuff (even the writers/producers), I unfollow. If someone is nasty to their anons or feeds trolls, I unfollow immediately. If someone starts calling something like a pairing, an actor/actress, or something else “problematic,” I unfollow.

Just last week I unfollowed two different blogs for breaking the personal rules I listed above, so it’s a neverending process.

Back when I first started using Tumblr it was overwhelming, and over the course of three weeks (three SPN episodes airing) I ended up unfollowing somewhere between 50%-75% of the blogs I followed. Since then I’m much pickier about who I follow. And I learned the hard way that “spn positivity” networks don’t mean hate-free.

Whenever I follow someone new I check out their blog, how they talk to people, what’s in their tags, and their bio. If they say they’re a multishipper or hate/wank-free in their bio, I’m much more likely to follow, but there are a number of people I follow who aren’t multishippers, they’re just very accepting and they take the view of “it’s not my thing, but if it’s your thing that’s okay too.” Those are the keepers 🙂

Another way I’ve found good blogs is by checking out the people who follow me. If they’ve seen what I post for a few weeks and they’re still following me, chances are they’re open-minded because I post a wide variety of pairings and kinks, and I show love for ALL the actors/actresses, which means if somebody hated them, they’d unfollow me.

Check out the blogs in my Blogroll. Like I said, I follow some pretty great blogs and you might find a few that are just what you’re looking for.

Good luck, nonnie 🙂