Land of Confusion


David Draiman of Disturbed

Phil Collins of Genesis

Based on the song Land of Confusion

for @mayalaen for her August Birthday!   I wasn’t just asking those questions I asked out of ONLY curiosity, I had an ulterior motive and it turned into this artwork 🙂

Charcoal, graphite, ink lettering.

Too many men
There’s too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Can’t you see
This is a land of confusion.Now this is the world we live in
And these are the hands we’re given
Use them and let’s start trying
To make it a place worth fighting for.


This is so pretty! I had no idea you were asking me about the two versions of that song because of this, you sneaky human, you!!

I shall gush at you more via IM, but I wanted to reblog this because other people need to see this. <3

So random ask: In response to your favorite bands tag game. You had Phil Collins and Disturbed on the list. So since Disturbed covered Land of Confusion, which version of that song do you prefer?

EGGSselent question!!

(i’m high so this is gonna beg sspelled wrong and might be incocherent)


i’ m not like a big musivcs nob

if somebody scovers tsomethign and i like it then i like it! and damn disturvbed did a GREATE! job with it

I like phil’s version becaseu it’s his and really good and i likee that his voice has no vibrato (i have aa thinig for no vibrato voices) and i like distrubed vrersion because it’s growlier?

They’re borth awesome

speaking of which – did you know my other favrotie band did another phil collins son?G

Tha’ts “i don’t care any more) and hellyeahh covered it -0– chad gray is the front man for both hellyeah and mudvayne

i love both versions!!

phil collins ha s alway s impressed me because of the interesteing things he did with drums – he’s a gdrujmmer

i think he was bbedefore his time

anyway thanj k you for asking and i love them borth 😀

replied to your post “countdown tag game”

@mayalaen oooh! Who was who in your version? Who was the Mortimer and Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha?

I kept going back and forth with all the characters (because how in the world do you decide who gets to be each character in this awesomeness?!!), but what I actually started writing was Sam/Mortimer getting married to Jess/Elaine, and they have to go say goodbye to Sam’s wacky brother and brother-in-law Dean/Aunt Martha and Cas/Aunt Abby.

Chuck/Dr. Einstein
Jody/Officer O’Hara
Benny/Officer Sanders
Victor/Sgt. Brophy
Bobby/Lt. Rooney
Billie/Dr. Gilcrest

I also considered doing Cas/Mortimer getting married to Meg/Elaine with Sam/Aunt Abby and Dean/Aunt Martha as the wacky uncles with everybody else the same.

replied to your post “the salty struggle”

I agree with @unforth-ninawaters release the salty to friends who understand this. I know we don’t talk much here but feel free to message me with no judgement from me. Even us people who want to spread the happy stuff and not make waves NEED someone to release our thoughts to

Thank you 🙂

I really don’t have salty things to say to friends, and I don’t feel like being salty to them either. It’s people being stupid and ridiculous I want to be salty to 😀

Though whining about it does help, so thank you for the offer <3