fergie the hero

The neighbors already have a pitbull (her name is Fergie) and a smaller mutt, but they decided to foster another pitbull (a male) from a rescue shelter. This male really should’ve gone to a home with no other dogs and no children because we’ve heard it fighting with the other dogs for the two weeks it’s been there.

Cut for length and dogs being violent, but no serious injuries or death – a happy ending 🙂

Earlier we heard it fighting the mutt, then Fergie stepped in and the two of them went at it. They kept going and kept going, the sounds worse than we’d ever heard, and then we heard the woman next door and her two kids screaming.

The woman next door is about five feet tall and has to weigh less than 100 pounds. Her kids are very petite too and they’re 4 and 6 years old. My mom and I are taller and very strong for women, so we usually feel kinda protective over them. We head on over there through the gate and this woman is trying to wrestle these dogs apart, getting scratched and pushed around in the process. The kids are screaming and trying to help.

I get the kids inside, noticing Fergie has already locked its jaw on the male’s neck. Considering the way they were fighting and the length of time, the woman should’ve had much more damage done to her, but I’m pretty sure Fergie was protecting her. Fergie kept dragging the male away every time the woman got close.

My mom had the pool net and was trying to push the dogs toward the pool, so I pulled the woman into the house and told her to make sure they stayed inside. I turned around just in time to see my mom shove the dogs into the pool with the pole of the net.

The shock of being pushed in the water released Fergie’s jaw, and since she loves to swim she knew how to get out of the pool and headed for the stairs while the male dog headed for the wrong end of the pool, giving us time to get Fergie and us into the house.

Fergie immediately started checking out the woman and kids, making sure they were okay even though she was bleeding just a bit on her side, chest, and mouth, and she was panting from the exertion.

We stayed there while the woman called the rescue place. The male dog calmed down once he was out of the water and just sat in the grass until they came to get him. He was all sweet with the rescuers, so I’m fairly certain he’ll be able to be put into a home with humans only and be fine.

Fergie only had scratches (the blood at the corner of her mouth wasn’t even hers), and once we cleaned her up she was back to her happy and goofy self. She’s only 9 months old and kept a fully-grown male dog from hurting her family.

Oh, and a little background on Fergie because she’s adorable: We usually talk to her when we hear her out back, and every time we do she does a happy little whine and we can hear her wiggling around because the collar makes noise. The one time she escaped out their front door, she came running over to our house, sat on our doorstep, and barked. I came out front and she just wiggled all over, tail wagging as I petted her and said she was a good girl for coming over instead of running into the street, and she wagged her tail all the way back to the neighbor’s house. The kids are really cute with her and include her whenever they’re playing with balls outside or playing in the pool. If they play out front, she whines at the gate until they come into the back yard.