Can you explain to me a little thing called Misha’s dom!eyebrow? I have only heard of it and am not quite sure what it is exactly. Please tell me you know!?!



Ahh yes, you mean this little ditty [x]

You see, Misha tends to do this thing where he raises his left eyebrow in a manner that looks particularly domineering. It’s one of Misha’s many unique, little quirks. And it’s something a lot of ppl use to argue the fact that cas ~is so obviously~ the top in a relationship (personally, I’m a team!switch kinda gal myself). But anywho, yes. Here is some more evidence for uhm,,, scientific purposes. Yes *cough* let’s call it that. [x]

There you have it, friend. Now you know that Misha’s left eyebrow has a whole personality all on it’s own. It’s one of the many beautiful things to admire and obsess over about him ♥︎


i added some more pics of his dom!brow….for science. I unfortunately don’t have sources for the pics and gifs since they were just saved to my folder but i truly thank all the creators because this shit is IMPORTANT to put out into the world


Ship: Wincestiel

Tags: dom/sub, spanking, peppermint stick used as a dildo, rimming, dom Cas.

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The bedroom was filled with the harsh
sounds of Sam and Dean’s breathing. They lay side by side on the bed,
legs drawn up, hands fisted in the sheets or around each other’s
wrists. Dean was flushed a pretty red, the color creeping down his
heaving chest. Sam’s hair was sweaty, plastered to the pillow, his
eyes closed and his teeth clenched like he was in pain.

They were completely at his mercy—just
the way Castiel liked them.

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And this is where Maya’s brain melted:
“Y-yeah,” Sam managed. “I’m a
good boy.” After that it was all downhill. She’s not recovered yet 😀

mayalaen: pod7et: kreweofimp: majesticduxk: pod7et: Who did it better? Dean. I am 100% in favour of dom!cas, but here, Dean’s tie removal move is a thing of beauty Ah, yes, but can we all just take a moment to remember Cas removing his belt? …that’s what I thought. I cannot find the gif of either …