Sastiel + Dom fighting pretty please ;) I don’t care what season it’s set in, although I will admit I’m partial to s4 and s6. For reasons I’m sure you can guess.



Sam’s got a busted lip, kiss bruised from Cas’ mouth. Anger and want boil under his skin, and he tries to shove the angel back, aiming his own teeth at Cas’ throat only to have a hand smack across his face. 

“Bad boy,” Cas hisses, gripping Sam’s chin tight and crashing their mouths together again. It feels like sparks and tastes like blood, heady and dangerous in a way this dark alley can’t hope to compare to. 

Scratching down Cas’ arms gets Sam another slap, and he’s secretly grateful “that the angel has to step away to do so; at least he won’t feel the twitch Sam’s cock gives at the blow. 

Sam’s world spins, and suddenly his face is pressed up against rough brick. Cas yanks down his jeans and boxers just enough to bare his ass. There’s a flicker of power, a faint stretching sensation and Sam can’t hold back the gasp when he realizes Cas just prepped him with his grace. 

Footsteps approach, and quickly back away when whoever it is gets close enough to see Sam being fucked ruthlessly, cheek scraped raw and hole aching as Cas pounds into him with supernatural strength. Sam could swear that the angel’s come burns as he fills Sam up, but he’s too distracted by his aching cock spilling wet inside his jeans. 

Cas is gone in an instant, leaving Sam bare-assed and sore, come leaking from his hole. He straightens up, and – soulless as he is – feels a tingle of shame in his cheeks for getting fucked like a back alley whore by an angel of the Lord. 

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I never thought of grace prepping like that. I’ve had Castiel snap some lube into existence or make his partner’s hole suddenly wet, but this was great! And now I want more 😀