Abaddon/Dean – aftercare


“Don’t you dare stop,” Abaddon warns, cracking the leather whip on Dean’s plump ass.

Dean bites back a yell and continues to lick his come off the floor. He lifts his backside up even higher, an offering. Waiting for more rough treatment but he doesn’t get it.

When his mess is gone Abaddon returns to her chair, patting her lap. “Come here, lover. I’m not finished with you yet.”

Relief washes over Dean. “Thank you,” he whispers shakily, only now realizing how badly he needs her hands on his bare skin. “You’re fuckin’ awesome.”

Abaddon rolls her eyes but her blood-red lips arch into a smirk, betraying her amusement. “I know.”

*wraps this little piece around her body and wallows in it*