My Pretty Angel (Sastiel)



AO3 Link: Here
Ship: Sastiel
Rating: Explicit
Warnings/Tags: smut, porn without plot, BDSM elements, edging, coming untouched, D/s, sub!Cas, Dom!Sam, bottom!Cas, top!Sam, vibrators, plugs, oral sex, rough sex, swearing, dirty talk
Word Count: 2235
Summary: Cas is determined to show Sam he’s a good boy, and the reward he gets for it is more than worth it.

Requested by: Anonymous (Could you do one where Sam fucks Castiel but keeps edging him? Maybe the use of a vibrator please.)
A/N: I wrote this on the Notes app of my phone, so there may be some spelling errors that were missed – I apologize in advance!
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“Dammit, Sam this isn’t funny.”

“It was never meant to be funny, Castiel.” Sam circled Cas again, running the tips of his fingers tantalizingly slowly over his sweat sheened skin.

“Please, Sam – it hurts.”

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UMMMMMM!!!!! I’m fucking D E A D. Holy hell. Uh. *tries to think of something intelligent to say* *fails*


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