One of my favorite things about submissives and/or ABs is the contrast between everyday life and playtime.  Writing/reading about it or even seeing it in a practical application never fails to give me feels.

A businessman/woman, competent and even intimidating during the day, someone who’s successful and has employees/co-workers who might even think they’re too harsh, but they also don’t doubt that person’s leadership ability. Or even just someone who holds down their mundane 9-5 job and adults all day long.

Transition to home or play life, the dom/domme comes in, and it’s almost like a switch gets flipped. The sub/AB melts for their dom/domme/daddy/mommy. If they’re comfortable, they let themselves go and fall into that space so hard and it’s so beautiful. It’s a completely different person, but at the same time it’s not.

Sometimes I forget to breathe when I see it happening <3