Donna could be annoying. More than.

First of all, she was one of those…
Morning people. She woke up with a yawn and then a smile, bounced her
way to the bathroom and then into clothes and then on to the kitchen.
She spoke cheerfully to the cat that wound around her legs meowing
for food. She smiled entirely too much for that time of day.

On the other hand it meant that when
Jody dragged herself to the land of the living, if not fully awake,
there was coffee. Donna could talk entirely to herself as she bustled
around while Jody got ready for her day.

Then there were the texts. All text
speak ‘Thinkin of U!’s and random comments throughout her day. They
were unerringly filled with emoticons, some of which Jody was hard
pressed to even identify the meaning of.

Although, it made Jody smile.

Another downside of Donna? She was
impossible in a grocery store. Flitting around, chattering with
strangers about prices, and making the vegetables talk to each other
as she put them in the cart. She talks with the cashier for ages and
she makes cute and weird faces at small children in other vehicles
when the car is stopped at red lights.

But she makes Jody laugh. They make
dinner together and they move around each other with the ease of
practice. Afterwards, Donna washes the dishes while Jody dries and
puts them away. They bump shoulders and butts, teasing smirks and
mundane conversation.

Sometimes there are unusual cases and
working with the Winchesters but whatever job they may do it ends
like this. They get into comfies and they cuddle on the couch while
the tv plays and they get ready for bed together. They curl under the
blankets, bodies settling against each other warmly. Donna is softer
than Jody’s lean lines but they fit together as their lips brush and
arms hold tight.

When they fall asleep, Jody’s
nightmares are held at bay and even on nights when the dreams come it
is so much better to wake to Donna’s sleepy snores and mumbled

Donna could be annoying, but Jody
regretted nothing about their relationship.