I’m not sure how many people have pointed this out before, but The Benders (1.15) is set in Hibbing, MN, which happens to be the same place Hibbing 911 (10.08) is set, and where Donna says she grew up

So it wouldn’t really be a stretch to say that, at some point in time, Donna could have known Kathleen Hudak. Kathleen could have been Donna’s mentor, or even her friend.

I can just imagine, young Donna Hanscum, fresh out of the academy, before she married Doug, having a crush on Kathleen.


where’s the 100k fic written about this?!

Ugh, can you imagine? Shy, blushing-newbie!Donna?! Understanding and really-fucking-hot-mentor!Kathleen!?

*grabby hands*