you know what you shouldnt do? constantly tell your child how expensive they are to take care of. because eventually, that child gets scared of asking for money, and doesnt feed themself at school, doesnt go places with their friends that require money, because they dont want to be expensive. it really does get into their minds, that theyre too much money and that they shouldnt do anything.

Bonus: don’t spoil your child out of guilt and then tell them how expensive spoiling them is and how “unappreciative” they are because that will mess them up mentally too.

Parents don’t like to tell their kids no, so they use excuses like “it’s too expensive” or “we don’t have the money.”  And even if it’s a valid excuse, it ends up hurting kids. There’s no good reason for it.

Instead of being chicken shit, my mom just said “no” when I would ask if I could have something, and I had no clue we were so broke we couldn’t afford toys and clothes that didn’t come from the thrift store, so I was never scared about money.

She also helped me learn how to be appreciative instead of getting pissed at me when I wasn’t appreciative. Kids have to learn these things because you’re not born with appreciation or kindness.  Belittling them only teaches them how to fake things to appease people instead of helping them learn how to feel it and truly care.