Written for @spnpolybingo​​​​ Title: The Beast WincestielPairing(s): Sam/Dean/Cas, Abaddon/Naomi, Sam/Dean/Cas/Abaddon/NaomiWord Count: 2kRating: R/MatureTags: poly relationships, slash, femslash, het, mentions of off-screen sexual relationships and acts, sentientbestiality, threesome, fivesome, siblingincest (Cas is Sam and Dean’s brother), crack, Cas’ long tongue@spnpolybingo Square: Abaddon Castiel Dean Naomi Sam AO3 Link A/N: I’m not really sure how this came …



So what if Cas and Jimmy were a 2 headed dragon? Like think about it. They would be constantly arguing with each other and they could never decide on anything. Except deep down there’s nobody they trust or love more than their other head.

When they go into humanoid form they become 2 people. They still have to stay in pretty close proximity to each other but it’s a lot easier than trying to cram 2 heads onto 1 humanoid being. They’re generally not a fan though of going into a humanoid form because it feels really lonely not being connected.

Now, there aren’t that many other dragons around. This is cool most of the time because other dragons are pretty arrogant and obnoxious. But the one problem is there’s nobody to have sex with. And let’s face it, trying to get off on your own as a dragon is really difficult. Naturally when bored one day they experiment to see if they can have more success in their humanoid forms. They quickly discover that this is the greatest thing ever so now whenever they get the urge they will find a secluded spot and pleasure each other until they’re satisfied. The best part of it is that even though they’re in 2 different bodies they don’t feel lonely when they’re having sex since they’re being so physically intimate.

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