Welcome to SPN Commentation!

We would like to welcome you to the newest fest. This time not for creation but for appreciation.

The aim of this fest is to get fans out there spreading the love to the creations we know and love, and hopefully some new ones too!

The goals of the fest are simple – comment!

For the fest you will be going on a hunt! There are 67 assigned hunts to go on — 10 successful hunts will earn you an entry into the draw (for fame, glory and success — as well as a chance at winning a commission from some of the wonderful artists on ProfoundBond).

The fest will be running from 9-22nd July — two whole weeks during which you have time to search, read, listen, appreciate and comment. Submit your comments to the blog and you can win fame and glory!

For more information please see the rules and guidelines document or the wikia.

Many thanks and happy hunting,

Mods icarusinflight, zaffre, Halzbarry, thatpeculiarone and maskofcognito

Many thanks to @destimushi for our banner and @foxymoley for our icon!