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long, action packed escapes from some form of prison or long, action packed robberies that make no sense …I got together a team to steal a pen once (an ordinary pen) 

I kinda wanna go on one of these adventures. Stealing a pen?! With a team and action and… Do we get weapons and masks? Disguises? Or are we just SO stealthy we don’t even need to hide our identifies?!







reboogle with 3 themes u have going in your dreams/nightmares

mine are clowns, being chased, and fucked up ‘impossible space’ buildings with no real exit

Whales, whales being in my basement, and whales being dinosaurs

Musicals, love, and cutesy fluffy stuff

Being chased, meeting people that don’t exist, and death

Somehow I both exist and I do not, Drake and Josh, and sweet music that would be ambiance for a lighthearted slice of life episode of a show.

People being pitted against each other like gladiators, drowning or burning, and spacious but vacant places with no exits

  • teeth falling out (like SO MANY of my dreams have this theme)
  • long elevated highways that twist and turn over one another kinda like Escher stairs and a roller coaster had a love child and I’m walking/gliding on it while everyone else goes the opposite way as me
  • being held down or ridden by something/someone on my back as they penetrate me somehow and I really like it both in the dream and as I wake up


The other night I dreamed I was a macho, pipe-smoking wild west gunslinger who also happened to be a petite woman. I made a big scene in the saloon, smoking my pipe and bragging about a girl who fell for me in another town. I was just pulling out a handwritten note my sweetheart sent me to prove it when I woke up. Absolutely nobody was surprised or bothered by me being a lesbian, either, just mighty impressed because I had a lot of swagger.

Dream!you is the type of woman I would’ve thought was really hot but
was too dorky to ask out, so I would’ve laughed at all your jokes and
stared at you WAY too much hoping you’d pick up on telepathic vibes or some shit and ask me out. And if/when you did, I would’ve turned into a puddle of goo, unable to speak 😀

gir – genetic imaging resonance

I had this really cool dream last night that seemed to last all night. I was in this huge building with tons of different floors and tons of offices/rooms. It was kind of round-ish, and the floors were like… rings? They were open to the air, but the rooms were closed off toward the inside of the building.

Anyway I was apprenticing under a doctor. I call him a doctor because he had a white lab coat on and that’s what I assumed he was, but the things he did wasn’t like regular doctor shit.

I was a dude (of course, I almost always am in my dreams) and I wanted a lab coat too, but doc said I wasn’t ready yet.

Doc kept talking about GIR and how it was this new big thing. He was teaching me how to do it, and said that once I learned, I could wear the white coat too. Because of my non-dream-world medical field history, I figured the GIR was a real thing, so I looked it up when I got up this morning, but it’s not real, damn it.

GIR was genetic imaging resonance. It kinda looked like an MRI machine only more rounded and had white, smooth, high-polished metal around it. You could toss anything into it, and it mapped out the genetics of it while the whole thing flashed bright white and green and blue lights and made this whooshing sound.

I was really into learning about the GIR, but people on other floors kept paging me, so I’d have to run out to the edge of the floor, swing down to the next level, ask the person at the desk on that level who needed help, then they’d direct me where I needed to go.

One of the floors wasn’t used very often, and it was darker and dirtier than the others. Every time I went there, people were sitting in this sunken living room type area on couches, and even though the rest of the building was done in high-gloss tile floors, this was done in brown shag carpeting with planters all around it.

The people in the area always wanted me to sit with them and drink beer, and they didn’t care that I wanted to finish learning about the GIR and get my white coat.

There were old busted-up palettes on the floor they were using as foot rests, but because they were broken, the people kept tripping on them and hurting themselves, so I had to keep fixing up their legs and arms. But it wasn’t like normal injuries. There would be a huge neon colored dent in their leg and it would flash colored lights when the person was REALLY in pain.

One guy kept wanting me to fix his leg, but it wasn’t flashing, so I kept telling him he didn’t need help and the dent would eventually fix itself. He would get so mad he would kick at me until I left, which was cool with me because then I could go back to learning about the GIR.

Finally I was just about to finish learning about the GIR. The doc was there and showing me this stuff and I was like WHOA I’m connecting something here that NOBODY ELSE HAS and it’s really cool and doc you gotta come here and see this because it’s going to revolutionize healthcare as we know it and we’re gonna understand life, the universe and everything completely now and…

I woke up.

damn i woke up

I had a dream last night, ya know one of those ones where it seems like you dream it all night?

I was dating this really, really hot chick tattoo artist, and she had a great personality and wore outfits that totally did it for me with horn-rimmed glasses and boots and plaid skirt and baby doll T-shirt and she tattooed me all night long.

But they were really fucking amazing tattoos. Vibrant colors and changing when you looked at them and some of them even reflected my mood and she didn’t use a tattoo machine, but instead drew them on my skin with the tips of her fingers.

And it burned and hurt so much I was writhing on the chair and gasping and she thought it was hot and I thought it was hot and I woke up having an orgasm.

Best dream I’ve had in… well, probably years!