fun nsfw facts :P

I’ve mentioned plenty of times on here that I can orgasm just from pain (my own and/or another person’s), but I can also orgasm to music.

My brain loves music so much that if I spend at least 30 minutes listening to good music at a medium to high level, I’m pretty much sated and high even if I don’t actually orgasm or have any substances in me.

And last Saturday when I was doing the weekly reset thing, I tried getting off to music at the same time and HOLY SHIT.

Sooooo if you didn’t know, orgasming while high on edibles is like… RIDICULOUSLY good. One of the BEST ORGASMS. Highly recommend. 10/10. I do it frequently 😀

Add to that my love of music and I nearly passed out, almost fell off the bed, and kicked so hard I stubbed my toe on the end of my bed, sending me into a second orgasm.

Which was strong enough I *did* fall off the bed.


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The only time I have ever truly been high was similar to this – the speed of time passing seemed inconsistent. I’d zone out awhile, then suddenly realize where I was and have memories of the past half hour or more fast forward right then to catch up to that moment. I only had the one macaroon. =/

It happens sometimes when I don’t realize the batch is fresh. A fresh batch means 1 gummy is more than enough, but if it’s a week or so old (kept as fresh as possible in a cool dry place), I can take 2 and still not get SUPER high. Last night I took two fresh ones.

It also happened the time I tried the paste.

If you’re a weed lightweight, do NOT try the paste. Damn. I couldn’t get out of my chair for hours and time was doing that fast and slow thing, and when I finally was able to get up, I crawled to bed.

I haven’t touched the paste since. I don’t really like being high to begin with, but when it gets trippy like that I’m just like no thanks 😀

Given that, I figure I wouldn’t like any other drugs 😛

about last night

So I did actually come onto Tumblr last night, prepared to goof around for a while, but the gummies kept hitting harder and harder. I didn’t realize they were freshly-made that day, so I took the amount I usually take when we’ve had them in the house for a week or two.

I sat down, scrolled through Tumblr a bit, sent a joke to @violetlyvanilla, prepared to send more, then got confused. I can’t even remember why I was confused. Like Tumblr was moving too fast or something? Even though I control the scroll speed. Oh well.

Anyway, I crawled into bed, got myself off to pr0n on my tablet, then fell asleep with the tablet mashed onto my face.

I woke up a few hours later hugging the tablet, and I’m so glad I didn’t roll onto it or something.

So that’s how last night went 😀

“at least i didn’t die in my sleep”

So y’all know Dominic (my cousin) lost his girlfriend less than a week ago, right? She overdosed in her sleep.

My dad, who is always the sad sack and making comments about how he’s about to die and “well I made it to another day” managed to say that line up there ^ to Dominic while he was on the phone with him today.

Best part is Dominic has a twisted sense of humor, and he was thrilled to tease the shit outta my dad over it.

He said my dad realized what he was saying AS he was saying it, but he’d already said it so he rolled into an apology really quick, so the sentence went, “At least I didn’t die in my sleepOHGOD DOMINIC I’M SO SORRY!!”

That’ll teach my dad to do his stupid “woe is me” shit on somebody who just lost the love of their life.

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how long before you can take them again?

I was going to wait three weeks again, but I just read up some more on the length of time it stays in your system and decided to go get the bloodwork on Friday (day after tomorrow) instead of waiting another week.

A while back I read that it takes 3-6 weeks (up to 90 days if you’re a heavy user) for it to flush out of a moderate user’s system. I assumed I was a moderate user. The sites didn’t describe what occasional, moderate, and heavy meant.

I assumed wrong and instead I’m considered an occasional user – this new site explained occasional as up to 3 times a week.

With occasional users, it stays in your urine for only 3 days and in your blood for only 1-2 days (possibly a little longer if you’re overweight because fat cells hang onto TCH).

So from now on I’m going to just do 1-½ to 2 weeks instead of 3 or 4. I’m overweight, and my PDoc is really insane about the weed thing, so I don’t want to cut it too close 🙂