Title: Runaway 

Ship: Sastiel, Sam/Claire, Sam/Cas/Claire

Rating: Explicit 

Link: AO3

Word count: 1540

Created for @spnpolybingo

Square: CastielClaireSam

Tags: Soulless!Sam, possessed!Claire, angelic possession, possession, dubcon, loss of virginity, vaginal sex, top!Sam, bossy!Castiel, demon!Dean, King of Hell Dean, Queen of Hell Abaddon, angst, cock warming, marathon sex, canon divergence, s10 au. 

Summary: She can’t afford anything nicer than dirty sheets, cockroaches, rooming next to prostitutes and she’s not sure when he’ll show – but she stays in her motel room and imagines the relief she’ll feel when he says yes.

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Claire lasts two days with Jody and Alex before she runs.

Running is nothing new. For years she’s ditched foster homes. She escaped from people interested in collecting a paycheck and nothing more. Stayed away from those who wanted her for her body.

She’s gotta admit that living with Jody would have been far better than all that crap. But that doesn’t make it a good fit. She’s barely holding it together on a good day and she doesn’t really want Jody to see her on a bad one. She can’t do it, it’s too hard.

If the world was shit before it’s utter chaos now. Word on the street is Dean Winchester is a demon and currently ruling Hell with Abaddon, so flying solo isn’t really an option either. From what Claire has seen their goal is to set the world on fire and watch it burn. Whatever survives must bow before the new King and Queen of Hell.

This is not the world she wants to live in.

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Title: Right on the tip of my tongue
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Rating: M
Kinks/Warnings: facials, come play, dominant!Sam, size kink, manhandling, naked Dean, not so naked Sam, power play, mild dub con, humour
Summary: Sam made it clear where they stood. It was Dean’s fault that he hadn’t realised exactly what that meant.

a/n: it’s still morning, right? so many thanks to @disizletzi  for making this So Much Better, and to @samanddeaninpanties for the superspeedy beta (the end is quite different now)! And to @unforth-ninawaters for nudging me in the right direction (a direction!) when I was stumped the other day 🙂 (doubly appreciated cos I know wincest ain’t your thing!)

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“I wanna push you down to your knees then come all over your face. Then… then I think I’d like to lick it off. I think now’s a great time. Don’t you, Dean?”

It was said in such a deadpan tone of voice that, at first, Dean didn’t realise what the words meant. Once his brain caught up though, he dropped the dishcloth he was holding and turned around to stare at his brother. Aghast. Because what the actual fuck?

“You want to what?”

Sam’s eyes darkened, and he stalked forward. Moving backwards Dean felt the press of the bench against the small of his back and regretted his every life decision up until this point.

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new fic: we’ll be together one day

Written for @spnpolybingo

Title: We’ll Be Together One Day
Pairing(s): Andy/Ruby, Andy/Dean, Andy/Sam, Andy/Castiel, Andy/Ansem (mentioned)
Word Count: 1.2k
Rating: NC-17/Adult/Expl1c1t
poly relationships, slash, dubcon/noncon, telekinesis, fingering, threesome, foursome, offscreen mention of Andy/Ansem when they were younger
@spnpolybingo Square: Andy

Link: AO3


The Winchesters don’t realize yet that they’re in a relationship, but that’s okay, Andy doesn’t mind waiting.

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We’ll Be Together One Day

He gets bored.  Constant streams of everyone’s
thoughts do get boring after a while, and after he learns how to block
them, he wants a new challenge.

She’s beautiful and so fucking
dangerous it makes his cock ache when he merely brushes the surface of
her thoughts.  She calls herself Ruby, but the body isn’t hers.  He
watches as she manipulates the Winchesters, which is really fucking
hilarious.  Who knew Sam would love demon blood so much.

watches.  Fascinated, really.  And it’s been a long time since anyone
has caught his interest like that.  She kills without a thought and her
pussy gets wet when she makes people beg for their lives.

doesn’t know if she can sense him, but as she walks up to the motel room
Sam and Dean are staying in, Dean at the bar and Sam waiting to suck on
her blood, Andy pushes inside her pussy, tendrils of whatever the fuck
his brain does when it reaches out and becomes a physical thing moving
inside her.

She freezes, body shivering when he does it again, but
then she turns and looks directly at him, her eyes black as night.  He
runs.  Terrified.

She doesn’t chase him, but he decides to never fuck with a supernatural creature again.  He doesn’t want to die.  Not yet.


and Dean are sitting in a shitty little diner.  Dean’s eating something
that looks like it’s going to give him a heart attack, and Sam is going
on and on about a case they’re working on.

Andy waits until
Dean’s taking a drink, then brushes over his asshole.  Dean chokes on
his drink, and when Sam asks him if he’s okay, Dean takes a quick look
around the diner, then nods, waves Sam off, but his shoulders remain
tense as they finish their lunch.

As Dean walks out the door, Andy
pokes inside Dean’s ass.  Quick in and out.  Dean yelps, spinning
around to glare at Sam, who had been walking behind him.

“What?” Sam asks.

Dean frowns.  "Nothin’,“ he says, then stalks out to the car.

It’s something to do.  It’s fun.  Fun is something Andy hasn’t had for a long time.


a powerful creature hanging around the Winchesters, and whenever Andy
feels him, he stays away.  He’s more powerful than Ruby ever even
imagined being, and Andy doesn’t want to find out if the thing cares
about the Winchesters enough to kick his ass for playing with them.

He waits until the creature is dead, or at least Sam and Dean think he is, and starts following them more closely again.

is interviewing a witness who saw the whole thing, and as he starts to
ask her another question, Andy pushes inside his ass, wriggling around
for a brief moment.

"A-are you okay?” the woman asks, helping Sam
up off the ground, the knees of his suit pants dirty from going to his
knees in the parking lot.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Sam says, nodding.  
“Now how long ago would you say this was that you saw the scratches on
your neighbor’s back door?”

Andy smirks, amused that Sam just kept
going.  Either he’s developed his senses or the demon blood is helping
him, because Sam’s not concerned.  He’s annoyed, but not concerned.

grunts as Andy makes the tendril thicker and pushes it back inside his
hole, fucking in and out a few times before another tendril flicks over
the tip of Sam’s cock.

“Thank you for your time, ma’am,” Sam says, voice a little shaky.

Andy’s pretty sure Sam doesn’t know it’s him, but it’s obvious he knows something’s up.


had loved it.  Late at night when the house was quiet, Ansem would
pretend to fall asleep, and Andy would close his eyes, pushing his
senses out and manifesting them in an invisible force that he thought of
as a finger or tendrils.

He’d move it over Ansem’s back, trailing
down, teasing as Ansem’s heart rate sped up.  Andy perfected his skills
on his brother, and every time he uses them, he thinks of him.


in a relationship, yet the Winchesters don’t even know it.  Andy’s been
following them for months, and Andy’s built it up in his head.  He
knows it’s a fantasy, but he doesn’t care.  Not when Dean comes in his
pants while they’re sitting at a restaurant.  And not when Sam has to
catch himself on a chair before he falls to the floor after a really
good orgasm in the middle of a case.

They researched and asked
people for help, but nobody could figure out what was going on.  Andy
was worried when they visited Missouri, but she couldn’t figure it out
either.  That or she was amused by it and kept Andy’s secret.

creature comes back into their lives, but Andy can’t feel the power
anymore.  The man that used to be an angel missed his grace and Andy
feels bad for him.  He can’t imagine what his life would be like if he
didn’t have his powers.


Cas is even more fun to tease than
Sam and Dean, though he doesn’t think he’ll ever stop playing with the
Winchesters.  Cas had been a virgin before Andy got his tendrils into
him and made him come so hard he screamed.  Fucking screamed!  That had
been a huge boost for Andy’s ego.

Andy still gets hard just
thinking of it.  The way the Winchesters checked him over, asking him if
he was okay.  Cas doesn’t even know what happened.  One minute he was
watching TV, the next something is inside him, and then pure pleasure
pulsing through his body.

Andy tries not to laugh too hard at the look on Cas’ face when his release starts cooling in his pants.


thought he had perfected his skills on Ansem, but fucking all three men
in their beds in a motel room makes him flex mental muscles he didn’t
know he had.

Dean and Sam hadn’t been surprised by it in months,
and they don’t bother fighting it anymore.  Cas, on the other hand,
welcomes it with open arms and fucking rides Andy’s tendrils like a
bucking bronco.

Cas is on his knees, whimpering and thrusting back
while Dean tries to keep his eyes on the ceiling, one tendril around
his cock and the other up his ass, making him pant and squirm as Sam
bucks against the mattress next to him, grinding his cock against the

One day Andy will let them know who is doing it, and that day
will be awesome because they’ll finally be a family.  Maybe they’ll
move into a little house together.  Maybe they’ll make coffee every
morning and have breakfast at the table.  Maybe they’ll spend their
evenings lounging on the couch, watching movies together while Andy
fucks all of them until they’re too worn out to keep their eyes open.

Until then he’ll keep an eye on them.  Keep them coming every night.

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Pairing(s): Dean & Ruby or Dean/RubyTags: fps, het, medical play, hospitalization, enema, dubcon/noncon, undercover, medical kink, humiliation, open to all kinksLink: spnkinkmeme Prompt:  Dean and Ruby have to go undercover in a hospital for some reason – Dean as a patient and Ruby as a nurse/doctor. While in there Ruby takes advantage of the situation …

Pairing(s): Castiel/Tentacle MonsterTags: fps, tentacles, bondage, noncon/dubocn, manhandling, open to all kinksLink: spnkinkmeme Prompt: Cas is terrified of tentacles. He doesn’t know why, and the Winchesters have no clue either, but he’s piss-his-pants scared of them. Of course they encounter a tentacle monster on their next hunt, and while Dean and Sam are tied up …