For the top three: 23 :)


  • 23:Top 3 petnames

for me, or to call someone else? or actual pets? or ones I like in fic? 

wow… this is not a clear question *scowls*

so, weirdly I avoid all sorts of nicknames, but I’ve recently gotten

– little miss

– poss

– duck

In fic, I love

– sweetheart

– pumpkin

– little boy/little one

For other people

– lovely

– gorgeous

– muffin (stud muffin, chocchip muffin etc etc. I can’t help it)

For pets… well, that depends on the pet. I mean so do the ones above, but you know

Hahaha! I started reading this and was so confused because I meant to send you 25, but this was so much better 😀

Thank you! This was adorable!

And now I want to call you Little Miss Duck!


I was going to do something special when I reached three hundred follows… write 3 prompt fics or something, but given my follower count goes up and down every day, when does one actually decide they’ve reached a number, and secondly about 5 of the last 10 blogs were porn blogs, and that doesn’t seem right, so how do I calculate 300 actual followers who like my blog and not just ones that see a nsfw warning so follow ;_;

I just hit 200, and a handful of mine are also those clickbait blogs. Of course I have p0rn blogs too, but it seems every time I use the correct spelling of p0rn I get even more.

But yeah, I’ve read a few posts by people that have HUGE numbers of followers and they just go by the number because it’s just assumed a fair amount of p0rn & clickbait blogs are following everybody who is active on here.

I dunno. Go with what you feel. If you wanna do something special and celebrate, do eeet! You technically hit the number no matter how you wanna look at it 🙂