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Anyone who’s known me for awhile is well aware I…”

Why do I KNOW you people?

I don’t even remember if you followed me or I followed you first. Were you curious and just kinda got sucked into this?

That happens. Just ask @kay-cas19. That poor adorable human isn’t even kinky and wound up following me. She’s probably horrified on a daily basis. Or maybe she just blacklists A LOT of stuff. Either way, she’s totally adorable and I love her posts 😀

Maybe there should be a support group for people who stumble onto us when we happen to post something fluffy or funny and then get sucked into this hellhole.

I suck at naming things, otherwise I’d come up with a clever name for the support group.

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Just for you I could shift my que to post between 2 and 6 am….

Oh no! Please don’t change your schedule just for me. Do your queue when you’ll get the most likes/reblogs so everybody can see your stuff! Seriously, there aren’t many people on at that time and you wouldn’t get nearly as much exposure.

It’s a lovely offer, and thank you 🙂

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@mayalaen If someone brought you art like this and asked for it as a tattoo, what are the legalities/copyright issues involved? How would you handle the request ?(assuming you did NOT already know they stills it off Tumblr)

There’s no legal issues at all. The art on your skin is considered separate from the original and the property of you and the artist that put it there whether it’s tradmarked material or not.

It’s considered bad behavior to go to a shop, request art, then take that art to another artist after not paying the first artist for the work, but that’s about as bad as it gets.

My entire left arm is Mario Bros characters, and nobody has any rights over it or can do anything about it other than me and my artist. If I were to appear on a TV show or movie, I’d need written and signed permission from my artist to show their art on screen, but that’s it.

People bring in pictures of what they want all the time. My guys try to personalize it, but a lot of people don’t want unique designs even though they want to feel they’re unique themselves. We tattoo exact copies of tons of stuff on people 🙂

People can spout off about trademarks and copyright issues, but the truth is it hasn’t caught up to tattoos and probably never will because the tattoo artist is creating the art on your skin, not slapping a copy on your skin, so it’s now the tattoo artist’s artwork.

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I suddenly want to become a tattoo artist supplier – just so I can be sure to provide stickers…

If you could somehow convince all the companies associated with tattoo supplies that they should let you make stickers, you’d make a killing.

The problem is that a lot of tattoo supply manufacturers are either artists themselves and horrible at business, so they don’t bother with things like that because it’s “selling out” or they’re big honkin’ manufacturers who don’t give a shit what the artists say about stuff and just wanna make money off the supplies.

I’ve asked a lot of companies if we could get stickers and most of them won’t even answer me. It’s so strange. Well… not so strange when you’ve been in the industry for a while and see how tattoo artists run companies.

Artists are not business-minded 🙂

The ONE company that did cater to artists like this and was very good at it – Sullen – sold the company about a year ago and since then all the artists have decided they’re sellouts and have stopped buying their products. I don’t blame them. The company decided to start selling to Walmart and other big box stores. They really did sell out and they’re not catering to artists anymore 🙁