Title: down right dirty

Pairing: EllenxPamela

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 1,902

Notes: fill for SPN Femslash Bingo square used ‘EllenxPamela’, mostly PWP, anal fisting

Pam isn’t the kind of woman to get handsy when she’s drunk. She’s always handsy – even sober. When she gets drunk, she gets down right dirty.

A drunk Pam at the Roadhouse means a lot of groping, sneaking behind the bar to pour extra shots, a few stolen kisses, she even tried slapping Ellen on the ass when she was carrying a tray of food out. But Ellen shot that one down with a glare. A little flirting is always good for the tips, and don’t get her wrong, she loves how grabby Pam can be, but Ellen’s more of a behind closed doors sort of lady.

So she’s always got something to promise Pam for later, keep her on good behavior. Now Pam isn’t the high maintenance sort of person. She can appreciate a simple spanking, some coarse rope, a little rough handling. Ellen doesn’t always know her own strength, but Pam takes a hit with a smile and asks for it harder. Sometimes, though, when she rolls through the Roadhouse every month or so with new stories or an itch to scratch, what she asks for is plain weird.

Ellen’s just waiting for the day Pam tries to rig a mechanical bull with a dildo.

Ply her with a few shots of whiskey and rile her up with snuck kisses in the kitchen and a quick hand down the pants rub off in the bathroom, and Ellen is game for a lot of things.

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*clears throat*

Uhm, yes, I very much enjoyed this. Pam x Anyone is amazing, but Ellen? Hell yeah!

And I’m gonna slap @royalrowena in the back of the head here to get her attention so she sees this 😀